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A family that travels together stays together! But, before you book those tickets, factors like kid-friendly accommodations, weather, dining, and travel options are worth considering to ensure a stress-free trip. Here are some tips for every kind of adventure to maximize fun, and minimize stress on your next family trip:


1. Road Trip

If you’re thinking about a road trip, you’ll probably be staying in different places each night. Try packing one suitcase each day for the whole family, instead of using a separate suitcase for each person. By packing everyone’s clothes for one day in a single bag, you will only have to carry one suitcase into the hotel each night and others can be left in the vehicle. You’ll use less, have less clutter, and don’t have to worry about that the kids are going to wear in the morning!


2. Taking a flight

If road tripping isn’t for you, or your destination is too far, think about flying! Some airlines allow kids under two to fly for free (lap babies), or provide kid discounts. Check your carrier’s specific policy before booking and always double check to see if they offer anything special for children – you might be able to save some cash! The idea of flying with kids is likely the biggest single stress inducer for parents who are planning to travel, but flying during off-peak-hours have less traffic so you are likely to have an open seat next to you. Plenty of room for you and the kids to spread out!


3. Traveling by train

If you are fed up with the long lines at the airport or astonished at soaring gas prices, then you may opt for a different approach. What about the train?! Your family will literally witness an ever-changing scene unfolding outside the window during the journey. Also, most long-distance trains have dining cars serving three meals a day, with a full menu and table services.


4. Cruise Traveling

If the ocean is your thing, cruise vacations are perfect for families. Most cruises have great programs for children of every age group that ensures youngsters are supervised and entertained and you can have a little R+R without paying for additional daycare.  Cruise cabins can be spacious to fit your whole family or cruise ships offer cabins that are next to each other for larger families. Children’s menus are also usually available in the main dining rooms.


5. Home swap

The cheapest option of accommodation for you and your family may be swapping homes. Visiting sites such as www.homeexchange.com provide some great options; just remember you will also be opening your door to folks staying at your house too.


6. Use Agencies.

Using agencies to book for a cruise line, and flights can prove to be a wise decision. Agent companies get money-saving perks for cruise lines, which includes free upgrades and onboard ship credits. They pass these to their clients.


7. Use Guidebook

Being in possession of a guidebook is essential. Travel guidebooks offer a level of detail you don’t find on most travel websites. Discover cultural, historical and geographical references, plus awesome, hidden places to eat and drink, with a travel guidebook.


8. Ask locals for a recommendation

The locals always know more than what is available in even the best guidebook and on the Internet. Do some chatting at the local grocery or convenience store, or even ask staff at your hotel, for great places to visit.


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