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I have the pleasure of attending Appalachian State University settled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains! Below is a list of some of the must haves that the majority of students here at App State agree are must haves to go to school here!


1. Rain Gear

Unfortunately, the weather is so finicky that there is no telling when it is going to rain so it is good to always be prepared and carry around a rain jacket! Rain boots are also a must have, because the ground gets muddy very quickly, and during the winter the rain gear becomes snow gear!


2. Chacos

Chacos are hands down the most comfortable shoes out there! They are the perfect footwear for hiking, swimming, waterfall jumping, and just walking around campus!


3. Flannel

Flannel is perfect for adding finishing touches on an outfit and it provides a stylish extra layer to protect from the brisk mountain wind!


4. ENO

Everyone knows that the first rule of going to school in the mountains is bringing a hammock with you! If it is sunny and warm outside you can bet that there will be dozens of people putting up their ENOs to take advantage of the warm weather at all colleges throughout these mountains!

Even if you do not go to school in the mountains these are still awesome items to have and incorporate into your life! So jump on the bandwagon and get some rad new items for your wardrobe and buy a new hammock so you can come visit Boone and Appalachian State!!


By Mary Clare Gabel, ENO College Brand Ambassador.

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