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Back To School

Whether you are excited or not, it’s that time of year again. A new school year is beginning.  Being prepared for a new semester is very important. You want to make sure you have everything you need so the transition from beach towels and bathing suits to books and calculators goes smoothly. These are my top 5 things that help me make the transition back to books and schedules a little bit less painful.


Okay, so as I embark on a new year, the first thing I buy is a planner. Planners help me stayed organized so when teachers bombard me with assignments and things I will need for class; I can make sure I have what I need to keep the transition back to the real world as easy as possible. Planners aren’t just good for the beginning of the year though, they help me stayed focused and organized throughout the entire year. It’s also a great way to look at the semester and find the best weekends for outdoor adventures.



The ENO Rothbury backpack was designed to make everyday life easier with its padded laptop sleeve, durable build and its many easy access storage compartments. The mesh back that provides optimal airflow between my back and the backpack is a huge plus too. I am cooler and more comfortable as I bike to campus or sprint to class when I keep pressing snooze in my alarm. My favorite feature of this backpack though is its compression hatch. The hatch is perfect for a hammock or even a rain jacket. Whether you are an on-the-go student or weekend warrior explorer, this backpack is all you’ll need.


Emergency Supplies

Snack food! This may be one of the most important things on this list. Nothing is worse than heading into a class when your stomach is growling. My emergency stash usually consists of food that can stay fresh for a while. Granola bars are my go to! There are so many types and flavors out there that you will never get bored of them! Another top choice I love are small bags of pretzels. Whatever you choose, you just want to make sure you have something that will keep you awake and energized for your day.


Water Bottle

If you see me walking around campus without my water bottle, please, by all means, stop and ask me if I’m okay because most likely something is very wrong.  I never walk out the door without my water bottle. H2O is life! Yes, it quenches your thirst, prevents headaches, and improves digestion, but it also prevents you from having to drink from those germ infested drinking fountains. A good water bottle must have at least three qualities to it.  First it has to hold at least 1 liter of water. This is just the right size so it’s easy to haul and can get you through few hours before filling up. Second it has to have a good lid. It’s got to have good flow. Third it has to be easy to clean. So important…as doing dishes is the last thing I like to spend my time doing. Make it easy though, and it’s no problem! If you find these qualities in a water bottle, then you found your match and you two can live happily ever after!



Finally, I recommend you always carry your hammock in your backpack. No day is complete for me without a nap in between classes.  I just love my ENO DoubleNest hammock! The double nest has plenty of room for me but there’s enough room for two, so a friend can join me. Did I mention the importance of my naps? Well, my ENO is perfect to catch my zzzs or just chill out and take a breath from the rigors of college life.  It packs down to almost nothing making it easy to fit in your backpack and essential to making your semester successful. By the way, the hammock is ideal for weekend adventures too. I can’t even begin to count the amazing places that my ENO hammock has coddled me in the forests of the US.


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Trevor Currie is an international award winning photographer and Missouri native with passion for travel.  His dream is to travel the world and share his journey. Follow him @Trevor__Currie or check out his website to be part of the adventure!

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