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Everyone knows you like to adventure. It’s probably pretty evident when looking at your Facebook profile picture or your Instagram feed.  Photography can be an amazing way to capture how you felt at a certain location, document an incredible expedition, or allow you to show off all the neat skills you have acquired over the years. Photos can bring back floods of memories like nothing else. So here are the 5 photos every adventurer needs to take, at least once in their lifetime.


1. The ‘Admiring Nature’ Photo


This is the photo your friends will see and be jealous that they aren’t there adventuring with you, or will inspire others to partake in a fabulous adventure. We have all at least seen, taken, or been in one of these photos to show our deep appreciation for nature and adventure. Whether or not people can see your face in the photo, they know by this picture that you are deeply admiring the scenery set out before you. This picture (of course) includes you in a flannel with some other super granola casual outfit pieces, to show the world that your style reflects your love to adventure.


2. The ‘Gear’ Photo


I love gear. My gear comes with me everywhere. So of course I had to have a photo of me with all my adventure gear. This photo represents everything you are about, all of your interests, and the brands from which people can purchase from for birthdays and holidays. This photo does not necessarily need to show your face because your facial features are just as unique as the gear items you love. Everything about this photo just shouts to the world your love for simplicity, brick walls, and gear items.


3. The ‘Candid’ Photo


Adventure brings a smile to your face. Always, without fail. For me, I feel like I am adventuring just by nesting in my ENO hammock between the trees in my backyard. Plus, all of your friends who journey with you know that candid photos are the only way to capture the true emotion of that very moment.  This photo can be a reminder during a busy week the love you have for rest, exploration, and the outdoors.


4. A Photo of You Enjoying Your Favorite Place


One of my favorite places in this great country of ours is Asheville, North Carolina (home of the lovely ENO). This trip was full of so many memories with my family, the people we met, the French Broad, and one of my favorite stops, The Bywater. This trip added things to my Bucket List such as number 19 from Buzzfeed’s compilation of 41 Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List. Everyone has a place they remember and wish they could visit again and again. When you look back at that photo, a longing for that place sweeps over you and memories flood back. Sometimes we all need a moment of nostalgia.


5. A Photo of You Showing Off Your Outdoor Skills/ A Super Neat Adventure


This photo gives you a chance to brag to your friends and social media followers about your super rad adventure that you just went on and how you were able to utilize your rock star outdoor skills. Similar to the other photos, this reflects what you have fallen in love with and what hobbies make you, you.


So there you have it. The 5 photos that you, as an adventurer, need to have. I am going to be honest, most of the time I follow random people on Twitter or Instagram just because they have an AWESOME feed reflecting their passion for the outdoors and exploring. One of those stellar people includes Abbie Ploeser and her Pinterest board “||Prone to Wander||”. Seriously guys, it is super rad. And if you are like me, and love finding new people follow on social media, you might enjoy this list put together by Buzzfeed of the top Instagram accounts that will “Make You Want to Grow a Beard and Move to the Pacific Northwest”, or in other words, become a fulltime adventurer. So pack that camera, get on the road, plane, or boat and explore those mountains high, valleys low, and everything in between. Happy travels!


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About Alyssa Winkle: Arizona is ridiculously underrated, especially my little hometown of Tucson. The life of nursing student does not always allow for daily hiking or fishing, but Arizona always has something new to offer me, even in the middle of a crazy week. When I’m not out adventuring you can find me fiddling with graphic design, Jesus on my brain, and an iced coffee in my hand.

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