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5 Reasons You Should be Photographing Your Outdoor Adventures | ENO

woman relaxing in a hammock on a mountain ridge
When you’re in the great outdoors, standing at the highest point of the mountain you just courageously hiked, your second instinct (after taking a deep breath and relishing in the beauty) is to pull out your smartphone or camera and document the moment. Whether you plan to keep it as a personal memory, share with your family or friends or even turn the hobby into a small business, taking photos on your outdoor adventure is a must.



The majority of outdoor enthusiasts take pictures to remember and reminisce on the memory of standing at the top of Mount Everest or seeing your first whale while kayaking. The memories you make in nature are unique and unlike no other. While looking at pictures of your last camping trip you’re automatically able to smell the campfire and feel the warmth of the flames. You will remember who you shared your adventure with, how happy you were amongst those redwood trees and inspire yourself to go on another adventure.



How many times have you sat behind your office computer and looked at outdoor pictures, one after the other after the other? Looking at someone else’s adventure photos is inspiring and often motivates you out of your seat and into the wild. Who’s to say your pictures aren’t worthy of the same experience. Take photographs in the great outdoors to upload to websites such as Shutterstock and make some extra cash while motivating others to get out there and see what the world has to offer.



Taking photos outdoors is also a great way to stay safety-minded. You should take a picture of the bulletin board at the start of the hike. This board usually contains a map of the hike, emergency procedures, flora and fauna to be aware of and locations of bathrooms. Try as you might to commit all of that information to memory, it’s great to have it in a photo as well. You should also take pictures of all the trailheads or major forks in the trail so you will find your way back. You’ll avoid getting lost and you’ll be able to come back to the same spot next time by looking at your pictures. Keeping a good distance, take pictures of any insects, reptiles or plants you see and find threatening. Then, take your photo back to the land of Internet and for future knowledge, investigate what the critter is and if it is harmful to you in any way.



As an outdoor enthusiast you’ve probably done some amateur research without even knowing it. In order to appreciate the outdoors to the fullest you should always be looking for questions to ask and new things to learn about your surroundings. Taking pictures of the same natural space you frequent over time shows the effects of our changing world. You will see the effects of things like climate change, drought or recovery after a natural disaster. Not only will it be interesting to compare photos over time you might learn something about your favorite hiking trail or camping site. Keep the research going as you head back to civilization by taking photos of all the new birds or animals you saw and look them up when you have access to the Internet. Next time you go back to hike that trail, you will impress all your friends with your pronunciation of the scientific name for that yellow bird they keep seeing.



Whether you’re taking pictures of the landscape or of the people you’re with while outdoors, photography is an art. You might choose to display this art on social media or have prints made and framed for your home or office. Take it one step further and get your art displayed on outdoor and adventure blogs, websites and magazines. Enter your art into photo contests frequently held by organizations such as National Geographic. Not only will you share the beauty of your photographs with others, you can make a few extra bucks to support and fund your adventure lifestyle.

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