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As the festivities of Bike Month continue, May 16th marks Bike to Work Day! Not all of us have the option to bicycle to our job–but a lot of us do. Even if you can’t bike to work, this month is all about encouraging others, making an effort to bike more and raising awareness of how we get around. We can strive to leave less trace in our everyday lives, just like we strive to leave no trace in the woods.


Make Yourself Visible


Whether you deck out your helmet, add flashing lights, or wear a brightly colored vest while you bike–make yourself hard to miss! The first step of a car respectfully sharing the road, is for them to see you.


Be Predictable


Bicycling to work is not the time to show off your moves. Use your hand signals. Obey traffic laws if you’re on a real road. If a car can tell what your next move is and vice a versa, everyone will be safer.


Leave Early and Stay Cool


You don’t want to end up being the “stinky one” in the workplace. If you leave early, it will be cooler and you can bike at a slower pace because you’ll have the time. Plus you might just get that raise you’ve been wanting for being so consistently early to work!


Plan Your Route


If you have errands to run on the way home, save the grocery store for last. You don’t want to be biking around with your dinner baking prematurely on your back.


It’s OK to Drive Sometimes


If you have an injury, you just don’t feel good, or the weather’s iffy…it’s okay to not bike to work. Listen to your body…and the weather forecast. You need to be sharp and fresh to commute by bike safely. So if you’re not feeling it, carpool!

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