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Bass Fishing
Summertime fishing is tough because of the heat. I often tell people that you wouldn’t want to eat a cheeseburger in 90 degree weather with no shade, and neither do the fish. However, with the right baits and the right gear you can quickly turn an early morning summer trip into a successful one before the sun starts to make you sweat.

Here are 5 tips that will help you catch bass in the heat:


The Classic Worm

Bass see a lot of differing lures and a lot of different presentations. Each year baits get larger and crazier, and big bass love it. But what about when your go-to bait is not working? Or what if you are new to fishing and you don’t know what to throw? Or maybe you are visiting your grandparents’ house and they have that old pond in their backyard? In all these situations the answer is either a trick worm or the classic senko. When the bite is tough and I am not sure what to throw I always go back to the basics. When fishing with either of these baits I will fish them Texas rigged with a small bullet weight. The depth of the water will determine how heavy. Cast them far, let them sink, and fish them back slow.


Reaction Strike

Getting a reaction strike is not always about getting the bass to “eat” your lure as much as it just about getting them to take a bite at it. That is when a crank bait comes in handy. You can cover a lot of water with them and fish them back fast! If anything is in the area they will hear it and it will get their attention. You are causing them to “react” to the commotion in the water and triggering their predatorial instincts. They may not be hungry, but then again I don’t have to be hungry to eat cheesecake. If it’s available, I am taking a bite.


UV Gear

As I stated earlier, the summertime heat is tougher on us than it is on the fish, and in order to really maximize your time on the water the right gear can go a long way. You will want to invest in a long sleeve UV dry wicking shirt. I prefer to use RELO Gear for my fishing shirts because of the original art work and great material the shirts are made out of. You will also want to invest in a fishing buff. A buff sits around your neck but can also be pulled over your ears and face to protect you from the sun’s rays. It also can make you look like a ninja while fishing.



If you are going on the water during the summer, don’t forget the obvious. You will need lots of water if you are planning on spending some serious time on the water. Be sure to bring a cooler with you and keep it packed with water and Gatorade.



One sure way to beat the sun’s rays is to avoid them. During the summer, the earlier the better! Getting on the water early can pay big dividends, especially during the summer. It’s a great way to establish a pattern and locate fish before the day starts to heat up. If you are not much of a morning person you can always opt for the evening bite. As the sun goes down and the day and water starts to cool, it can have the same effect as being on the water early. Don’t be afraid to even fish into the dark a little bit. Summertime night fishing is known to produce big bass.

Stay hydrated, stay covered and cast away!


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ABOUT JOSH: I am a husband, dad, outdoorsman and avid fisherman. I am also the founder of Florida Kayak Anglers, which was created to build community and unite kayak anglers in the state of Florida. 
Web: floridakayakanglers.com – Twitter: @joshuaduke – Instagram: @joshduke10


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