5 Ways to Survive a Snow-in



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So you’re snowed in. Your driveway is too slick to get your car out and conditions aren’t quite yet right for sledding. Don’t be so quick to grab the the chips and Netflix, there are still plenty of fun things to do inside with the added excitement of flurries piling up outside your window.


1. Build a Blanket Fort

We’ve all done it when we were kids and I promise you, you’re never too old to make a blanket fort. (Warning: most of these ideas are messy, so just give into it now.) Tear up your living room, pull out those Twilights, and begin creating your fortress.


2. Hammock Indoors

Hammock indoors people! With an Indoor Hanging Kit, it’s easy to make your ENO a part of your favorite room. Post up next to your favorite window and watch the snow fall from the comfort of your warm, dry hammock. It also makes for a great “guest bedroom” if you happened to have a few stragglers snowed in with you.


3. Make Hot Chocolate & Pancakes

Now, this may seem very specific, but trust me. Hot chocolate and pancakes are definitely the way to go when it’s snowing. I don’t want to hear any of this “I’m on a diet” nonsense. First of all, I’m pretty sure snow days cancel out all diets automatically; but secondly, the pancake has come a long way and there are plenty of healthier versions of them out there. So get whisking and find your mini marshmallows.


4. Get Crafty

Go finish (um, or start) that arts and crafts project that’s gathering dust somewhere in the back of a closet. Spread it out on the living room floor outside your blanket fort. Tap into your creativity and make something. Even if you don’t consider yourself the artistic type, science suggests that everyone benefits from creating something artistically and heavily using the right side of your brain for a minute.


5. Go Hammocking Anyways

If you’re refusing to tear apart your living room, cook from scratch, make art, and you don’t have already have an ENO Indoor Hanging Kit, then who am I to stop you? Grab your hammock and straps, bundle up and hike to the nearest wooded area to start relaxing–snowy style.

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