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50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act


“50 years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act into law. Since then, Congress has used the act to designate 109.5 million acres of Wilderness in 44 states.  This landmark conservation bill ensures that our favorite wild places are permanently protected for future generations. Celebrate by sharing this post and planning a trip to your favorite wild place!”

We’re grateful for the example this historical moment has set. Conservation is integral to preserving our country’s raw environment and the ecosystems and habitats that dwell within them. Not to mention, they make the best playscapes for adults and children alike. Big ups to the Conservation Alliance for continuing to pioneer efforts that will keep our places wild. Listed below are a few things we do to minimize impact on the environment in an effort to do our part.


Tree Friendly Straps


By using tree-friendly strap, like the Atlas Straps, that are at least 1 inch wide we minimize constricting the tree. Say no to rope and yes to tree-friendly straps!


Hammock Camping


Hammock camping leaves a smaller footprint than a tent, leaving the ground beneth the hammock almost untouched.


Partnering with Environmental Pioneers


Partnerships with both the Conservation Alliance and Wild South have given us an opportunity to be hands on in environmental protection and awareness ventures.

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