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7 Outdoor Gadgets for Your Next Adventure With Your Kids

Remember those days outside as a kid, playing in the park or collecting bugs at the creek? With the amount of technological stimulation available today, it feels impossible to get your kids outside on a nature walk or an overnight camping trip. But technology is not the enemy. In fact, outdoor gadgets take your family excursion from good to unforgettably amazing. Here are seven of the best outdoor gadgets for your next adventure with your kids:


1. Smartphone

Whether you’re headed out on a casual outing to the park or a rugged backcountry camping trip, the right cellphone allows you to have entertainment, communication, a map and a camera right under your fingertips. The Samsung Galaxy is the perfect phone for the outdoor enthusiast. The 16-megapixel Auto HDR camera captures all of the precious moments you have with your kids enjoying the wilderness. You also have up to 20 hours of talk time and 12 days on standby. The phone has an excellent GPS system helping you navigate your way. And even on the brightest day, you’ll never have any issues viewing the screen thanks to the Quad HD Super AMOLED display feature.


2. GPS System

When you’re remote and there is no service whatsoever, hundreds of GPS systems can get you from point A to point B. But wouldn’t you rather have a survival tablet (named Earl) that has GPS, a weather sensor, barometer, thermometer, compass, AM/FM/SW/LW radio and a walkie talkie that works up to 20 miles? Not only does Earl keep you and your family safe, but it provides entertainment for your kids, such as e-books, if they get a little restless. Earl also is waterproof, solar charged and comes in different colors.


3. Binoculars

Kids love binoculars. It’s something about holding those big lenses against their eyes and seeing nature from a different point of view that excites them. So imagine their excitement when they find out the binoculars also record everything they see. A pair of digital recording binoculars magnifies, stabilizes and records the image so your kids never miss a minute.


4. Video Camera

Whether you go whitewater rafting down the Rio Grande or water skiing on one of Minnesota’s bountiful lakes, you need a camera built for the sole purpose of capturing your most rugged, wild and wet adventures. The GoPro is the most versatile camera, helping you share your family’s adventures. All the different mounts and accessories make it perfect for any outdoor activity you can imagine. Best of all, it’s pretty much indestructible, so let your kids give it a try while you cliff jump off a waterfall.


5. Speakers

Hanging around the campfire is not complete without portable Bluetooth speakers that keep the beat up all night long. And what better opportunity to introduce your kids to your favorite Queen or Grateful Dead song than while roasting marshmallows under the starry sky? The waterproof feature keeps your jams playing even through a little rain.


6. Charger

You’re probably wondering how to keep all of these electronics powered in the backcountry. No outlets means no electronics. Inverters drain your car’s battery, not to mention it’s complicated and old fashioned. What you need is a portable solar charger with a USB port that has a back-up battery for when the clouds are out. Portable solar chargers are compact, light-weight and built to endure extreme weather conditions.


7. Coffee

Keeping up with your kids in the great outdoors gets exhausting after awhile. Keeping up with them without your morning coffee is even more difficult. Sure, you can sip on your muddy, watered-down instant coffee, or you could enjoy a delicious and rich espresso to start your day off right. The Handpresso is the portable way to bring your tasteful espresso with you through your travels, hikes and outdoor adventures, keeping you fueled and energized for all the memorable moments to come.

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