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8 Ways To Hang Your Hammock | ENO

8 Ways To Hang Your Hammock | ENO

Christmas is only days away, and if a hammock was on your list, you’ll probably already be dreaming of where and when you’re going to hang in it. Here are a few suggestions for when the big day comes:


1) The Classic

Everybody’s got to start somewhere right? There’s nothing better than a classic, between-the-trees hang. Whether you’re buckling down for a long study sesh, posting up to read a book, or just taking a snooze, this conveniently classic hang promises comfort and availability in just about any setting.


2) The One-Tree Wonder

Finding a tree that stretches wide enough to hang your hammock between branches can be tricky, but it’s pretty neat to hang from two branches of the same tree. Keep in mind, the standard ENO is around nine feet long when you hang it, so try and find branches with space somewhere around that width. Also, be sure to double check the sturdiness of the branches you choose and keep them low to the ground – you don’t want to have your hang disrupted by dead branches cracking on you.


3) The Wrangler

Having personally drooled over Jeep catalogs for years, I only wish I could say I’ve tried this one out. All you need is a Jeep and a tree (or two jeeps if you’re lucky enough to have them around) and you’re hanging! Pull up beside the tree, wrap your straps around the top bar of the Jeep, and count your blessings for such a perfect moment.


4) The Fancy Hang

Hammock stands are a growing trend these days, whether they’re homemade, in the backyard, the sun room, or floating down a river, like this one, featured on Our Life Outside. Sometimes you need to hammock where there are no trees, and hammock stands provide the perfect alternative.


5) The Jungle Gym

You would not believe how many perfect places parks have for hanging a hammock. Whether it’s on the monkey bars, using the poles holding up the slide, or under that giant dome that you probably fell off at least four times as a kid, parks are a hammocking wonderland. Not to mention, they’re still absurdly fun no matter what age you are.

Note: Be selective on where you choose to hang with this one, otherwise you might end up with some pretty odd looks.


6) Open Skies

There truly is nothing better than a quiet night of stargazing in your hammock. Hearing the crickets chirping and bullfrogs croaking in the background is probably one of the most relaxing feelings in the entire world. Whether you’re in a campground, your backyard, or next to a crackling fire, looking at the stars from your hammock easily puts you in the best seat in the house.


7) The Rainy Day Hang

Indoor hammocking is a great way to bring adventure to you! Simply get a kit, put a couple screws in the wall, and you’re set to go. Hammock any time of day, under any weather conditions! While it may not be as exciting as hanging on the top of a mountain, you can hammock from the comfort of your very own home, and that’s hard to beat.


8) Last but not least, Anywhere and Everywhere

While The Perfect Hang is definitely a worthy goal, it’s more about the journey to find it than the end result. If I find my hammocking holy grail, that’s great. If not, it’s still led me to a lot of adventure I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Hammocking is about more than having a comfy spot to lay around in nature – it’s about getting out there and finding a sense of adventure in the most unexpected of places. So keep searching for the perfect hang, but don’t forget to take time and enjoy wherever you find yourself hanging today.


Author Bio:

About Tonia Bartlett: I like to think I would be the lovechild of Bob Dylan and Beyonce. My sense of adventure is as big as my stack of homework, though adventure usually wins that battle when it comes down to it. I wish I could say I chose Colorado for college because it was the smartest option, but honestly the gravity of those mountains pulled me more than anything else.   My ideal day would involve my purple and orange ENO Doublenest Hammock, my ZX/2 Yampa Chaco’s, a long tall glass of raspberry lemonade, a rushing river, and some good

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