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From Whale Watcher, to Missionary, and now a Youth Pastor, I have worked and lived in some very amazing and unique ways. Through all of it one thing rings true. I have never been a typical 9 to 5’er when it comes to my career choices. I am the kind of guy that loves to chase the waves, do some diving, or whatever I can before work and then leave early in order to cast a line as the sun sinks down. Call me crazy, but I am the type of guy that has a hammock in my car or on my person at all times, “just in case…”

I share this with you not to brag about how flexible my life is, but I want to encourage and challenge you to break the mold of life and put an end to your weekend! I mean it… This is your life, and it is worth living. You may or may not have the flexibility in your schedule to show up late or leave early from work, but you do have the opportunity to live the life you love every day.

Here are a few ideas on just how to put an end to your weekend:


1. Wake Up Early!

Wake up at or before sunrise, it is beautiful and while the rest of the world is sleeping you can be curled up on your porch drinking some coffee or hot apple cider with the morning birds.


2. Go for it!

Use whatever time you have. No more sitting inside waiting for the clock to pass by before work or before bed. Time is money and money was made to spend!

    1. Spend those 20 minutes by driving to the nearest park and walking around. (Especially at sunrise or sunset and look for deer or other wildlife.)
    2. Got 2 hours? Spend them out on the lake or the beach for a sunset casting session. (Yes, dig in the dirt, find a worm and put it on a hook! It is good for you, not for the worm.)


3. Take the risk.

So what if you have to be at work by 8:30 A.M.?! That doesn’t mean that you can’t go hang up your hammock or throw down a tent and sleep in the woods. Chances are you won’t sleep past sunrise anyway when you are camping – you’ll make it bang on time for work!


4. Bring a friend.

First, you are probably reading this at work and not getting anything done anyways, so share this blog with the friend you are texting or messaging with and encourage them to join you this evening for a hike or bike ride.


5. Simple isn’t complex.

Everyone seems to think it is difficult to do this stuff. It’s not. Just put on some shoes or board shorts and go do what you want to do. It is far more relaxing than a night on the couch.

So those are just a few ideas and ways you can end the routine of living for the weekend and begin living each and every day. Life is good, but life is short, why waste it? Get out and live!


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William-DiefenbachAbout William Diefenbach: I am Student Ministry Director for The Bridge At 30A in Panama City Beach, FL ( When I’m not working with students, you can find me in the water fishin, divin, or surfin. If you are ever in town hit me up and we can go catch some dinner!!

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