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Atlas Strap Alert: Don’t Get it Backwards

Atlas Strap Alert: Don’t Get it Backwards

The Atlas Suspension System has become a favorite among ENO staff and fans alike when it comes to relaxing in their hammock. It’s versatility, length, and tree friendly qualities make it a top choice when deciding how you’re going to hang.

We love seeing the creativity of how and where ENOpians hammock. We’ve also noticed some varying tree-strapping techniques and wanted to send out a “memo,” if you will, to ensure that all of us are hanging as safe as possible. We just care about you guys!

Please read below and share this information with your friends. In order for gear to last, it should be used correctly. All of us from ENO thank you!!



The Dilemma: Two trees closer together

The closer trees are to each other, the more tempting it is to flip the Atlas strap around so the side with more attachment points is closer to the tree. Unfortunately, feeding the strap through the opposite way is not how the Atlas is intended to be used. Although at first glance, this helps fix the problem of hammocking on close trees, we do not recommend it. By hanging this way, the attachment whorls sit upside down and you can wear down the bongs of the stitching – yikes!  Don’t fret though, the solution is next.


The Solution

The Atlas strap is versatile and you can still achieve the same effect with a different approach. Rather than feeding the opposite intended end though the other, simply wrap the strap around the tree until your desired loop height is achieved. Just make sure the wrapped end is still secured using the small loop at the end of the strap. Simple as that!


But Why?

The Atlas strap is designed for the girth of the carabiner to be cradled in the “loopy” end of the attachment point rather than the flat end. The loopy end provides more surface area for the weight from the carabiner and the hammocker to be distributed. Physics!


Result? Happy Hammocking!

When we use outdoor gear properly everybody wins because it will last a long time and you’ll be safer. Don’t be shy about your new knowledge of how to properly use the Atlas Suspension System when you’re trees are a snug fit. Share this blog, show your friends and be a responsible outdoor leader! Go team!

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