Back in the Mud: ATV Upgrades to Boost Your Adventures



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Back in the Mud: ATV Upgrades to Boost Your Adventures
In order to get the most out of your ATV experience, you’ll need the right gear so you can tackle the largest mud pits and crawl up the steepest hills. But how can you make your ATV more formidable and safer at the same time? Here is some must-have gear to take your ATV experience to the next level:


Communication Devices

While mudding by yourself is fun, it’s even better when you have some friends along. However, with the roar of engines and the intense strain on your body it can be difficult to communicate with your friends. Luckily there are a host of different communication options. From the J&M HS-ECD 584 helmet headset that can fit into most full-faced helmets to the Sena 20S Bluetooth communication system, there are many options to keep you and your friends on the same page while out in the wilderness.


Camping Trips

While mudding around and tearing up clods of earth is entertaining, sometimes it’s fun to get even deeper into the woods for a camping trip. Loading your ATV up with camping supplies means you’ll need the very best. From a good camping stove to a GPS device, you’ll want the best gear for your trip.

Stoves: The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is a great option. With a push-button ignite system and clips that stabilize the pot on the burner, an insulating cozy the changes color when the contents are hot, and an average boiling time of two minutes, this is a sure bet to help you refuel after a full day of riding. Another dependable option is the Biolite Camp Stove. This little contraption utilizes a fan and wood to keep the fire going indefinitely as long as you have a source for small pieces of wood. This renewable energy camping stove is perfect for camping trips in wooded areas.

GPS: The Garmin eTrex 20 is a legendary wilderness GPS device. It’s long battery life of 25 hours and compact build makes it a favorite among wilderness explorers. With A GPS like this you can feel secure in your choices to leave the beaten path and wander in the wilderness once you’ve set up camp. If you’re taking your ATV down tracks you’ve never been on before the likelihood you’ll get lost is next to nothing when using a GPS device. Another great option is the Garmin Rino 650. Not only is this GPS system going to keep you oriented to where you’ve been and where you’re going, but it also doubles as a walkie talkie. With this device you can keep in touch, coordinate with friends and navigate your surroundings all at once.


The Ride

Now that you have gear to ride, mud and camp with friends or family, it’s time to make sure your ride is at maximum performance. Upgrade to new all-terrain tires to can take your ATV to the next level. While off-road tires can take you anywhere, they aren’t always comfortable on paved roads. All-terrain tires give you the freedom to take any path you want, from paved roads to forgotten trails.

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