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Beating the Heat: Family Edition

Summer can be one of the best times of the year for kids, but in some areas, the weather can be brutally hot. However, with the right type of activities and set up, you can still have fun under the sun without getting overheated.

If you live near a beach, don’t let the heat stop you from taking your kids to play in the ocean. When heading out for a day at the water, be sure to pack a few essentials that will help keep your little ones cool and having fun.

The first item I recommend is a mister or water sprayer. These can be found in many stores such as Amazon. The second item that helps reduce the heat and gives you and your kids a break is a tent. Not many people think about taking a tent to the beach, but it can provide a great refuge from the sun. Be sure your tent has good ventilation as that will be key to keeping it cool inside. You can find some great tents at REI and other outdoor retailers. The third item to take a few dish rags with you. You can make these nice and wet or leave them in your cooler damp, then remove them and put them around your neck. This will help cool your body temperature down nicely and give you a refreshing feeling!

If you don’t live near water but want to be outside, bring the water to your kids! You can create a DIY water table for them to play wth. It can be as simple as buying a shallow plastic packing tub, filling it with cold water and then putting some of your child’s favorite toys in it! This will provide them a way to get moderately wet to stay cool while having fun at the same time.

The last of many ways to be in the sun but stay cool is to make your own popsicles! These are simple but do require some time to harden in the freezer. You can purchase the popsicle molds at Ikea for very cheap and then fill them with juices, yogurts, or anything you want. One of my favorites is to freeze orange juice so it is not only refreshing, but healthy!

There are a lot of different ways to get your kids outside in the summer, but be sure they always stay hydrated and take periodic breaks from the heat. Make this summer the best your kids have ever had!

Happy adventuring!


Author Bio:

 IMG_1163-2ABOUT JON: Originally from the great state of Pennsylvania I now currently reside in Lakeland, FL working for Southeastern University. I have a love for the outdoors including camping, hiking and fishing. Some of my other passions include, staying up to date on the latest technology, traveling, biking with my family, photography, graphic design and video work. I love helping individuals and organization tell a compelling story and see it from start to finish. My family has a passion for serving people and trying to show hope in areas that need it most! I am married to my best friend Elaine and have one son.
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