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Bring The LaunchPad on Festival Tour This Year

Earlier this year, the new LaunchPads returned with brighter colors and in two different sizes. Great for the beach and family outings; the LaunchPad is especially well suited for attending the music festival. Every ENOpian I know is resourceful when it comes to hanging a hammock up when naysayers say “there are no trees”. However, sometimes, there are no trees. And every now and again it’s nice to plop down on the ground–wherever you are and start relaxing.

Stage poles, trees, jeeps–this is a short list of things you can hang your hammock from at a music festival, really the possibilities are endless. However, if you want to catch the music on the big stage and just chill in the center of the field with your crew for a while, a LaunchPad may be the way to go. It serves as a great placeholder in a crowd and it zips up in a flash, just in time for you to stage bounce.

Two Sizes

You can choose between the LaunchPad single or double. Similar philosophy to the single and double hammocks, the double is the same in length and about twice the width of a single. Whatever your preferences are really. In my opinion; two hippies could fit on a single and four on a double

Three Colors

Mix and match your LaunchPad to compliment the color of your hammock! There’s earthy Navy/Olive, Bright Blue/Bright Green, and classic Orange/Grey. Which one do you want?

Easy Setup and Packup

When I mentioned earlier that it zips up in a flash, I wasn’t kidding. No wrestling with an average blanket trying to condense it into your backpack–just a few folds, one zip, and throw it over your shoulder on your way to the next show. Look; I have proof, watch the video above.

Soft On Top, Tough on the Bottom

The LaunchPad is topped with a layer of cushy fleece to keep you comfortable, but armored with a coated ripstop nylon to keep you dry. We all know how unpredictable the weather can be at a festival. (Have you ever been to Wakarusa?) Don’t sit on the soggy grass the next morning to eat your breakfast burrito, sit on dry fleece! It’s totally okay if your LaunchPad’s underside gets more than a little muddy because it’s machine washable. Just un-clip the carrying strap and throw it in the washing machine on cold, then air dry. It will look like new for your next stop on the road.

So, What do You Think?

Are you ready to step up your festival gear this summer? Give it some thought and maybe we’ll see you at CounterPoint this year! Will you be kicking it on some soft LaunchPad fleece instead of with the fire ants?  Bonus round…Can you spot the ENOpian hanging out in the crowd?

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