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Camp Treasure Hunting!

treasure hunting and camping
It seems like the best family bonding takes place on camping trips. As a family, you’re creating new memories; you’re outdoors, away from home and away from gadgets and technology. Instead of the internet, there’s nature’s sights and sounds—like the wind whispering through the trees. When people are out of their comfort zone (i.e. sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire), their minds are open to teaching and making new observations. It’s a great time for family activities, such as hiking. Hiking through the woods and around lakes and rivers can instill positive memories for years to come.


Take a Hike… It’s Tradition

Heading out on a hike from your campsite is as simple as gathering the clan and walking. How far you hike depends on the age and determination of your group, the type of terrain  you’re trekking and your purpose. If it’s to observe nature and enjoy a casual stroll, plan a short hike to ensure plenty of time for stopping. It’s a good idea to pick up a map from the park ranger to get recommended hiking trails. Rangers know the area better than anyone and they can help you plot your trail.  Be sure to bring a daypack along to hold rain gear,  food, water, and other supplies. Once out on the trail, turn your campers loose (figuratively)! People are limited only by their imaginations when it comes to having fun. You can enjoy bird watching, leaf collecting, cloud formations or counting the types of wildlife in the woods.


Who Wants to Go on a Treasure Hunt?

Is there a “hard to impress” person in your camping group? Add an element of excitement by treasure hunting with a metal detector. First, make sure that it’s okay to use a metal detector in that area. If it is, let the fun begin! Metal detectors are designed to do just that—detect metal. So, any metal-containing objects that are under foot (particularly buried beneath the soil) will be signaled by the detector. Kids and adults can take turns swinging the metal detector in front of them in search for buried treasure. You’ll be amazed by what you can find! Detecting hobbyists find lots of coins, jewelry, old trinkets and toys, valuable military relics…the list goes on. It’s very fun, simple and sometimes profitable.


The Metal Detector: A Treasure Hunter’s Equipment

A great beginner’s metal detector for the whole family is the Teknetics DigiTek. It’s a lightweight model with target identification, object discrimination and sensitivity adjustment. The Teknetics DigiTek is a value-priced metal detector specifically built for kids and teenagers. It is extremely easy to use with an armrest and adjustable stem. It detects coins to 8″ deep; large objects up to 2 feet. Imagine how much fun the family will have uncovering treasures while hiking through the woods. You’ll have souvenirs without even visiting a gift shop! Just be sure to cover any holes and leave the area intact. For information on how to get started metal detecting, read: What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors?


By Daniel Bernzweig

ABOUT: Daniel Bernzweig manages in Southborough, MA. He has written on the subject of treasure hunting and metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. He enjoys traveling with his metal detector and helping to educate others in the correct use of metal detectors in their explorations.

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