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Today is a good day! It’s warm, it’s sunny, and we’re 24 hours away from a 3 day weekend! Can you think of a better time to pack up the Outback and drive into the sunset (woods)???

Neither could we. But, for a special weekend, a special menu should be on the cards! So what tastes delicious, is easy to prepare, and can fit into your Possum Pocket for a 3 day trek?

Here are some of ENO’s favorites, enough to fill up the day from sunrise to sunset! All recipes can be made quickly and easily over a camping stove or a camp fire, and benefit from a good hammock sesh afterwards


Breakfast Burritos


–          Cooking spray

–          Tortillas

–          Eggs (powdered or fresh)

–          Bacon

–          Green Bell Pepper (not-essential!)

–          Salt and Pepper

This is a super easy and tasty breakfast option that will give you energy to last you all the way till lunch!

Fire up your stove and place the bacon in a frying pan. Fry till you’re happy with its crunchiness, then cut into strips and place to one side. Next, mix your eggs and pepper (if desired) in the bacon pan, using the bacon grease to add flavor. Scramble and stir frequently. When you’re finished, lay the bacon in the tortillas, then add the eggs and pepper mix and any salt and pepper you’d like! Roll it up and Voila!


Baked Potatoes


–          Butter

–          Aluminum Foil

–          Baking Potatoes

–          Salt and Pepper

–          Garlic

–          Cheese (optional)

You can’t get simpler, or tastier, than this. Take the foil, and cut into as many squares as you have potatoes. Spread an ample amount of butter all over one side of the foil, then sprinkle all the salt, garlic and pepper you want. Stab each potato a few times with a knife, then roll them up in a sheet of foil. Stab the foil package a few times, then place either on a grill by the fire, over a stove, or directly in the fire. Wait approximately 1 hour, open each package up and peek inside! You’re potatoes should be golden and ready to be gobbled up. Sprinkle cheese over if you’d like.


Cowboy Casserole


–          Cooking spray

–          Bacon

–          Ground Beef

–          Small, chopped onion

–          Green Bell Pepper (optional)

–          2 cans of baked beans with pork

–          A good squirt of barbecue sauce

–          Biscuits/ Sour Dough Rolls

After a long day of hiking, this is JUST the ticket to fill those bellies up. First, cook the bacon as usual in a frying pan over the stove/fire. After it is cooked how you want it, cut into small pieces and set aside. Next, cook the hamburger, onion and pepper in the same pan (after bacon grease is drained) until the meat is browned and the veggies are tender. Drain and stir in the bacon and the beans. Bring to a boil and then turn off heat! Enjoy on top of biscuits, or hole out the middle of some sour dough rolls and pour inside.


Midnight Snack:

Scrambled Brownies


–          One box of Brownie mix

Although this sounds bizarre….it’s SO GOOD! All you need is one box of brownie mix, peanut butter and a little bit of bacon grease (maybe from the breakfast burritos or cowboy casserole you made earlier?). Heat bacon grease, pour in brownie mix, add 2-3 cups of H20, stire FRANTICALLY for about 5 minutes, and shabam! You should have a semi-solid mix of wonderful, that gets even more wonderful if you mix in a few spoons of peanut butter. Glorious!!!

Whatever you make and whatever you eat, make sure you have your trusty ENO close by to enjoy a little siesta in after the plates are packed away

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ENOpians!!!

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