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Compass Green Comes to Visit

This week, we would like to tell you a little story.

Once upon a Tuesday, the good people from Compass Green came to visit us here at ENO’s base camp in Asheville, NC. Now, these people are good not only because they love our ENO hammocks. They’re good because they aim to educate the nation on a VERY important topic: environmental sustainability.

Compass Green is a mobile education project that teaches sustainable agriculture, inspires creative solutions to food security issues, and demonstrates an environmentally responsible way of living. How do they do this? They travel around the country in a mobile greenhouse powered by waste vegetable oil (awesome), targeting audiences at schools and events who might not otherwise be exposed to such an education.

Compass Green’s Justin in his ENO and surrounded by their green house’s produce.

The project is organized and run by two environmental rock stars Justin Cutter and Nick Runkle. Cutter, who first dabbled with education in Japan for the David Lynch Foundation, discovered his love for sustainable agriculture in 2009 working for John Jeavons, the founder of GROW BIOINTENSIVE. Runkle unearthed his passion for sustainable agriculture working on a number of farms in Vermont and in South America. Since then, he assisted in the development of an English Immersion program in Buenos Aires, converted a 1983 Mercedes to run on vegetable oil, and researched sustainable restuarants, farms and non-profits for the GRACE Foundation’s Eat Well Guide in New York City.


Now this is a pretty impressive resume, and ENO realizes travelling from California, to Vermont, to North Carolina (and everywhere in between!) in order to inspire and educate kids about the importance of food cultivation comes at cost. So, to say THANK YOU and show our admiration for their dedication to a sustainable future, we sent them on their way with some ENO products! Hopefully, the hammocks and goodies we gave them will assist in a comfortable night’s sleep for the next leg of their journey.

Compass Green's Justin in his ENO and surrounded by their green house's produce.

Compass Green’s Justin in his ENO surrounded by their green house’s produce.

As it happens, their next leg is super close to home. The boys of Compass Green will be at Warren Wilson College today and tomorrow (October 26th/27th)! We strongly encourage you to go show your support to these commendable conservationists and the idea of sustainable farming by making a little trip to see them. If you can’t quite make that event, just visit their Web site to find out where and when they’ll be close to you! They also have an awesome blog updated with all their latest news, travel stories and photographs that’s definitely worth a look. We’ll be keeping up with these boys, you should too!

Happy hammocking ENOpians, and happy sustainable agriculture!

The end!

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