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Creating a Successful Beach Day | ENO

person relaxing in an ENO hammock at the beach
When I head out to the beach I like to be prepared for a day filled with fun, adventure and relaxation. To make this happen, it take a little more planning and preparation now that we have a son who is almost 20 months old.

I try to break my day down into four main components:



When we go to the beach we usually plan on having an early breakfast at home, eating lunch and snacks at the beach, and then having dinner either on the beach or on the way back. Lunch can be as simple has having pre-made deli sandwiches in trusty Ikea bags, watermelon and a bag of chips.



Depending on your preference, this portion of the day may look different for you. My family is not a big “bake all day” in the sun family, so we like to have some area of refuge. This can be accomplished in a few ways. One option is the classic umbrella and put it in the sand. This option is simple, easy and provides some relief throughout the day. Another option is to take a tent. Set it up as normal and open all the windows to allow wind to pass through. This creates a great spot to keep all your belongings and a place to get relief from the sun. A few of my favorite places to grab a quality tent are Academy SportsREI, and Eastern Mountain Sports.



Although the beach can be a time for relaxation, I also like to have fun! A few key essentials are a Frisbee, football, paddle ball and an assortment of shovels and buckets to play in the sand with. Creating a mini-golf course in the sand is an activity that takes some time, but is fun for the whole family!



This is essential to a good day at the beach. You can never have too many bottles of water! I usually use it for two purposes: water that we will actually consume and water that we will use to rinse our faces and hands after being in the ocean. This is great for kids too when they get sand in their eyes or need to clean their hands before eating lunch. My recommendation is to take a cooler with drinks in it, but then pack 2-3 water bottles just for cleaning purposes. You’ll be surprised how nice it is to have the ability to rinse off your hands and face with fresh water and get the salt off you when you are laying out or eating lunch.

Each family’s needs are different, but hopefully these tips help you enjoy your time with friends and family at the beach!


by Jon DeMeo

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