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Dog Rescue Story | ENO

german shepherd rescued by an ENO hammock sling

Yesterday we went on a 7.2 mile hike and on the way down the mountain we ran into a little problem. A random hiker’s dog was struck with heat exhaustion with 3 miles left to go and couldn’t make the rest of the hike. With the help of our group of friends and some local high schoolers, we combined 3 of our hammocks to make a stretcher for the dog and the guys carried the 90 pound German Shepherd down the mountain! We just wanted to thank you for making reliable hammocks that not only can be used to relax in but to also save the life of a dog!

Now that’s some hammock ingenuity! Way to go guys! This is a great reminder to make sure your furry friends, and all your hiking companions are prepared for the trail, the weather and have the gear and water needed. Also, its never a bad idea to have a hammock handy!

Story by Heather Lockerman, John Hayde, Mitch Odendahl, Russel Glass, Harrison Wetherell, Tori Shapiro & Friends




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