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While nature can be breathtaking and relaxing, it can also infringe upon your recreation. To protect yourself from the elements and enhance your hunting experience, there are a few out-of-the-ordinary tools that belong in your gear pack. These items, while not seemingly obvious things to bring along on your next hunting excursion, will help you out in emergency situations and serve as valuable resources to keep you energized, alert and up for anything.


First Aid Kit

Finding yourself injured without the means of treating your injury could be life-threatening. To help you stay safe, you can either build your own kit or buy a pre-made one. Be sure to include bandages, burn cream, aspirin and lotions. You also should include allergy-specific eye drops like these from Vision Direct to make sure blurry vision doesn’t impede your hunt. This is just a small measure to take to ensure your safety.


Synergy Hydration Lightvest

Sometimes the days don’t seem long enough while you’re hunting, and you lose sunlight fast. Don’t get caught in the dark without a reliable light source. Headlamps work great for illuminating your path, but you can take it one step further with the 100-lumen CREE LED Lightvest. This vest places the light at chest level so you have maximum visibility as well as reflective strips and trips so that other hikers can see you as well. Additionally, the vest has the option of attaching a hydration pack so you always have water on hand.


Flash Java Kit

Hours upon hours of walking and scouting can drain your energy. In case you need an energy boost or you like having fresh coffee while camping out, bring along a Flash Java kit. This kit’s cooking cup clips securely to its steel burner, which ups its safety standards and prevents spills. Brew your coffee in the one-liter FluxRing cooking cup, or make a pack of dehydrated food for a snack. There is a drink-through lid and a pour spout on the well-insulated cup. The kit also features a push-button igniter, color-change heat indicator and a coffee press. When you need a little pick-me-up, this easy-to-transport kit can provide you with just that.


Quick-Dry Towel

There are bath towels, beach towels and, yes, hunting towels. These are super absorbent and light-weight towels, with the ability to absorb up to eight times its weight in water. While these towels can take in an impressive amount of water, you can also wring them dry because they are made from quick-drying material. The fabric is light, which makes it compact, and it has a quick-attach loop for drying and comes with a carry pouch. Look for this towel at outdoor retailers, such as REI.



One last important tool to pack for your next hunting trip is flares. These can burn up to 15 minutes and are highly visible in all types of weather, which can help others find and help you. Especially if you like to hunt by yourself, make sure you have these as backup in case you get hurt or lost.

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