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Don’t Let the Road Cut Your Adventure Short

Adventurers may find themselves in secluded and extreme places. Whether it’s in the mountains, down winding river roads, or in the basic lake, much can go wrong before you even make it to the trail head. If your excursion involves a long drive, don’t let car and road problems drag you down. Follow these simply tips to make sure your adventure is one you’ll enjoy.



First, you must pick an adventure vehicle capable of the trip you plan to make. If the trail head is off a paved road, or even a well packed dirt one, frequently traveled, don’t worry about the lack of four-wheel drive. However, if your trip will take you on rough roads that don’t get much maintenance, make sure the vehicle you take is sturdy enough to handle the potholes and bumps. If you take a vehicle capable of the trip you can cause real damage to your car, become stranded, or even cause an accident.



Get your car tuned up. Whether you do this yourself or take it to your local mechanic, make sure your car or truck is mechanically ready for the journey. An oil change, new spark plugs, coolant check and tire rotation are all good ideas before you set out. If you haven’t purchased new tires for several years you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to their condition. Worn/old tires can become a hazard when you get onto those rough dirt roads. They could even rupture and leave you stranded on an steep hill or maintain miles from anywhere and anyone. Check your tires for wear with nothing more than a penny and quarter. If you need new ones consider all-terrain tires like those made by Kumho, which are smooth on pavement, but rugged enough to handle rough roads.


Safety Kit

Of course, any outdoor adventure you go on will require its own first aid kit. However, a road safety kit should also be considered with care. A spare tire and car jack are musts, in case of a flat. A couple extra quarts of oil are also a good idea. Also include road flares, a first aid kit, blankets, food and jumper cables. A road preparedness kit with a battery charger and an electric pump will make life much easier if you have a breakdown while on the road. Lastly, if the road to the trail head is a service or forest road, consider taking a satellite phone, as regular cellphones won’t get reception in those backwoods areas.


Road Service

Triple A is an invaluable road service. Whether you lock the keys in the car or need your car towed, Triple A is just a call away and will contact the closest locksmith or tow service for you. Tows within 100 miles are covered by the yearly subscription price Triple A charges, which can be used three times a year. There is a variety of memberships Triple A offers at different prices so you get the coverage you want for the price you can afford. Before you leave on a road trip of any kind, consider AAA.

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