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Featured in’s “Take Your Party to the Park,” reviewed by Billy Brown.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Whether you’re sick of sleeping on the cold, hard ground every time you go backpacking or you just want a better place to relax in your garage, this hammock is one sweet chariot.

As the name suggests, the DoubleNest is built for two. At 6’8? wide by 9’10? long, there’s plenty of room for two or three people — up to 400 pounds total. But the real coup here is portability. The nylon nest packs down into a softball-sized package weighing less than two pounds. Stuffing it into a carry-on for your next island getaway is a no-brainer.

Setup takes about two minutes with ENO’s Slap Straps ($20, sold separately). Find two anchor points (aka trees, or the steel columns over by the copier) and loop the straps around them. Then, clip the DoubleNest’s carabiners to the straps and commence napping.

WIRED Far more comfortable than sleeping on rocks. Simple setup. Lightweight, takes up almost no space in a pack.

TIRED Useless when there aren’t any anchor points around. Nylon isn’t comfortable against bare, sweaty skin when it’s hot out.

$65, Eagles Nest Outfitters

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