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ENO DoubleNest Assists in Helping Injured Dog

We received this email from Ali Cameron explaining her entry to our monthly Photo Contest.  Although her photo didn’t win, we think her story is pretty incredible.  Here it is, in her words:

“Hello. I have a story to tell you.  The picture is blurry and unflattering and in no way do I expect to it to win a photo contest, but what went on behind the scenes of this shot is worth telling you.  My bright orange ENO DoubleNest hammock went beyond its duties at a luxurious lakeside nest yesterday.  It supported a 90 pound black lab named Memphis who fell from a rock ledge and fractured his front legs.
My friend’s dog got too close to the ledge at the lake overlook point and fell approximately 30-50 feet to the shoreline below.  We all heard the thud of his landing and then complete silence.  My friend and I rushed down to the shore and found him laying there, with his left front lower leg pointing in the wrong direction.  We wrapped his leg and prayed for his comfort, peace and strength for us to carry him the 3 rocky, rooty miles down to our car.  THANK YOU, JESUS that I had my ENO hammock in my pack!  I had never brought it on a hike before, but it was so lucky that I had brought it this time.  So we scooped him up into the hammock and gauged the best route back up to the main trail.  We had to stop about every 30 feet and rest.  It was so difficult to carry his weight over an unstable terrain.  A few breaks later and we’re resting above a campsite.  A camper looks at us and says “do you guys need help?” and calls his buddy over.  These two guys, Joe and Courtney, brilliantly rigged the hammock onto a long tree branch so that Memphis was suspended in the hammock on the branch and we could carry him on our shoulders, rather than having to grip the hammock’s knots.  These dudes went above and beyond the call for help.  It took about 3 hours to get down the 3 miles to the car and then they had to return– in the dark– the 3 miles back UP to their campsite. We helped them hydrate and payed them in granola bars (the currency of trails, right?)
They carried the dog almost every step of the way, with my friend Erika and I helping to give them a few minutes break here and there.  I’m so grateful for people like this.  God answered our prayers for help within minutes and these guys were the answer.

Morals of the story: keep your dog on a leash, pray and expect results, and be grateful for the selflessness of strangers who ditch their plans of a peaceful weekend camping to carry 100 pounds off the mountain for you.  And always, always take an ENO hammock with you; it’s multipurpose and rugged as hell, bearing the weight and claws of a 90 pound lab without even a micro tear!

Update on Memphis: He spent the night at the emergency vet and has NO internal injuries (woohoo!) and he’s walking around with splints on both legs.  Amazing! He’ll stay another night for a Monday morning consultation to be sure surgery is not needed.”

Memphis being carried by his owner Erika up front and myself in the back. He never even whimpered while being assisted off the trail! Awesome dog! Photo by Courtney Bodett.

We’re so happy that a hammock could be so useful in a time of need!  Wishing aspeedy recovery to Memphis!


This photo was taken minutes before Memphis’ fall. He’s the dog on the right. His “sister” lab Indie is on the left.


Our trail heroes Courtney (left) and Joe (right) after making it down to the car. These strangers carried 100 pounds off the mountain for us! Truly they are the ones who deserve the goody bags– not me! Any way we can work that out? I have their addresses.

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