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ENO Introduces the Hangout Project | ENO

metal group hammock stands on a college campus
A fresh initiative creating relaxed masses on college campuses. 

Asheville, N.C., Nov 16, 2012 – Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), the leading creator of nomadic outdoor and travel gear, announces the 2013 launch of the Hangout Project, a one-of-a-kind, grassroots marketing initiative providing schools the opportunity to build customized, sponsored hammock lounges on their campuses.

The Hangout Project completed a successful beta development test with Pennsylvania State’s Digital Design and Fabrication Department in 2012, signaling the beginning of a movement aimed towards improving student life through the common thread of hammocking. Penn State developed one-off mobile hammock installations that could be expanded for a variety of campus needs. The feedback exceeded expectations.

“It was awesome because it not only gave the students an end product, but it allowed the students to get some real world experience about what it would be like to work with a large company on actual, physical projects,” said Adam Cohen, director of vendor relations at ENO and the brains behind the initiative.

Cohen, an Appalachian State University graduate, first experienced ENO hammocks while on his school’s quad in 20__. He immediately saw the benefits of group hammock hangs, sparking the cultivation of a program he believes is beneficial for both student morale and their health and wellness.

“It was not long before there were two, three, four hammocks popping up and soon I found myself a part of the relaxed masses,” said Cohen. “I met people through hammocking I realized I had a lot in common with. I also felt more focused and relaxed after a hammocking session.”

The project is predominately aimed towards working with schools and students to develop original, free-standing hammock ‘hangout stations’ acting as a communal gathering spaces, but it also poses an alternative to schools who have prohibited the use of hammocks to protect their campus trees.

“I’ve learned so far in this process that next to staff and students, old growth trees are valued the most,” said Cohen. “Campuses can ban the use of our current tree friendly straps to hang the hammocks, but it’s tough to swallow when they don’t allow an alternative. Well, here is the alternative.”

Although the Hangout Project is still in its infancy, Cohen’s goal is to work with many campus departments – from art, to engineering, to environmental sciences – to produce ‘hangout stations’ working towards improving the campus as a whole while spreading ENOs name.

“Our brand is a lifestyle”, says Cohen.  “There are tons of health benefits related to stress reduction and what better way to reduce stress than relaxing in a hammock. Being a student under today’s stress is not easy, and they constantly email in looking for support for an on campus outlet. We see this as a win-win.”

ENO is looking for partnering schools that value their student life, relish the brand’s creativity, and are willing to assist in the development of multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing hangout stations ENO will donate.

“The beauty of this program is that it has no limit in terms of growth,” said Cohen. “It’s all about being flexible and responding to the needs of modern students. I feel confident that in a short period of time, we could see lounges popping up on campuses all over the country.”

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