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ENO’s Relax…: More Than just a catchy slogan

ENO’s Relax…: More Than just a catchy slogan

In a new study conducted by Lyon College’s Psychology Department, Eagles Nest Outfitters’ hammocks are found to be more than just a neat replacement to a tent.

Asheville, NC , July 18, 2013 – For over 10 years Eagles Nest Outfitters, creators of packable hammocks and fun outdoors accessories, have been telling customers to Relax… on the tags of their hammocks. Now they have evidence to prove their mantra is not just a memorable phrase.

In a new study performed by Lyon College’s Psychology Department, 80 Lyon students were surveyed to determine their attitudes towards hammocks and relaxation. Initiated by ENO’s Adam Cohen, Head of Vendor Relations and founder of the company’s Brand Ambassador Program, the survey provided great insight to both the company’s founding values and their hammock’s uses.

“It’s great to see concrete numbers affirming the concept that hammocks are both relaxing, and a worthy product to invest in while in college, something we’ve all been telling people for a while now,” Cohen said about the results. “The folks at Lyon did a great job conducting the survey, and there’s still more to come, including the first ever ENO Campus Hammock Lounge.”

The ‘Hammock Attitude Survey’ was performed using students from freshman to senior age, and asked questions ranging from their attitude towards hammocks, to what stresses them out and how they deal with it.

By ranking statements on a 1-5 scale, the study uncovered students, particularly women, are experiencing academic stress and anxiety, but few are engaging in an effective de-stressing activity. It also uncovered that given the opportunity to lounge in hammocks, students are more likely to choose them over other forms of relaxation.

The second part of the survey is undergoing, and will uncover more data focusing on individual’s improved cognitive skills, creativity and mood while lounging in hammocks. In one task, students were asked to lounge in a hammock, on a library chair, and on an Adirondack chair, and their performance of cognitive skill games such as a word search or spot the difference was measured.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, one of the members of Lyon’s Psychology Department and conductor of the survey, foresees that relaxing in hammocks over other chairs or objects will improve cognitive skills and therefore improve test results.

“We have already run the experimental data,” Daniels said. “We are predicting the people who relaxed in the hammocks are more successful at all of these things.”

To celebrate the results of the first survey and the upcoming National Relaxation Day held on August 15, ENO will be launching a 3 week long promotion starting Thursday, July 15, giving fans a chance to win a total of $500 of products plus learn tips and ideas of how to relax and why relaxation is important. The promotion will be run through the company’s social media channels.


About Lyon College

Lyon College is a community distinguished by its academic curriculum, unique Honor and Social Systems and award-winning professors. As one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the South, Lyon strives to create a learning environment that is not only academically challenging, but one that is indicative of building character and integrity. Lyon College is also the first College or University to house ENO Campus Hammock Lounges that encourage hammock use among the student body.

About ENO

Eagles Nest Outfitters, the brain child of brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster, was founded in the summer of 1999. Growing steadily from a two-man, one-van operation, to the leading provider of ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks and outdoor accessories, the company offers the highest quality relaxation products for adventure travelers and outdoors lovers everywhere. ENO products are sold in 750 specialty outdoor and sporting goods retailers nationwide and online at

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