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ENO Tough Guys

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but here at ENO we aim to RELAX…Well, we just discovered a certain group of individuals who may need a helping hand! They are so far away from relaxation, in fact, they would be found under ENOs synonym in the Thesaurus. They are the people of the Red Bull 400!

It all began when we came across “The Tougest 400 Meter Race in the World?” on our Twitter feed. These brave individuals race for 400 meters up a mountain that boasts an average gradient of 45%. Wowzers. To get an idea, check out the video below! Well, that has got us thinking…what these people need is an ENO hammock station at the top to throw themselves into and tend to their poor, burning legs grumbling after 400 meters of pure, up-hill hell.

We also went a tad further – we compiled the top 3 craziest events adrenaline junkies compete in. If these guys and gals don’t need an ENO hammock moment – the original in hammock relaxation – I don’t know who does!

1)      The Red Bull Crashed Ice – This event involves a combination of hockey, downhill skiing, and boarder-cross. The toughest ice-hockey beasts compete head-to-head in a course up to 500 meters long involving chicanes, jumps, and rollers. Expect to see pushing, sliding, sprinting, shoving and a whole lot of pain. These guys are most certainly in need of a little ENO relaxation.

2)        The World Gurning Championships – This eye-widening event involves individuals contorting and distorting their faces in order to out-do their competitors. Weirdly, they also sometimes do it through a horse collar that looks suspiciously like a toilet seat. Granted this event is isolated to the face, but we still think a little nap in an ENO DoubleNest may give them some much-deserved rest.

3)      Red Bull Flugtag USA – Maybe the most well-known of our 3 options, the Red Bull Flugtag competition involves creative humans to build their own, human-powered flying machines, then ‘fly’ them off a 30-foot drop into the ocean. Need we say more? These kids definitely need a swing in an ENO Double Deluxe to recover from their belly flops, face smushes and whiplash they will undoubtedly suffer from.

After reading through these, our advice to you is go to our Web site, get yourself a brand new ENO hammock, then string it up on the sidelines of one of these fabulous events and watch the fun from the safety of your ENO – the original in hammock relaxation.

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