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Work, family, friends, and life can all take their mental toll on you from day to day. With people working longer hours and with technology keeping us connected all the time, you need to escape from the hectic lives that we are living. With the world seemingly spinning faster and faster thanks to people being so busy, escaping to relieve the stress can be the best thing for you.

Escape from technology, leave your phone behind. Don’t let a phone call, text, or email get in the way of relaxing. Everyone needs to clear their heads and see something other than the same path they always take to work or the same four walls. Take one day a week to unplug from the world, find a place to explore the wilderness and enjoy the time you spend. Bring a friend, your kids, your husband or wife. Enjoy time with them where there are no distractions.

Spend time alone, although it may sound crazy to some people. Leaving everyone behind for a few hours can help you clear your mind, forget any troubles you might be having and reflect on yourself. Go for a walk, a hike, or a swim. Let your mind be free and let the stress slip away.

Go on an adventure! Throw your camping gear in the car. Pack up the kids and grab the hot dogs. It’s time to go on an adventure. Let it be stress free, and if accidents happen, roll with the punches. Don’t get stressed, and enjoy the time.

Leaving the stressful world that we live in behind can do wonders for your mind. It can keep you sane and keep you healthy. New experiences can help you feel free and let the stress slip away while you enjoy the time. So escape life, grab your hammock, kids, dog, or head out alone. Leave the phone and work behind and see the world. Even if it’s only a mile from home, the world is a beautiful place.


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ABOUT JOSEPH: Joseph Hallgren is a founder of The Wanderlusters Journal. He enjoys traveling the world, and finding his adrenaline rushes when he does. A full time college student looking to travel the world and share his stories with everyone he encounters. Visit him at:


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