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There is a lot to think about when heading out for a trip, and when packing it is important to think about: “How am I going to document my trip?” Below I have brought up a few key issues and thoughts when traveling with your DSLR camera.


How am I going to keep my camera safe, dry, and protected?

My first rule of thumb is to keep my camera with me at all times. That means when I am going through airports or traveling in a taxi, car, bus, or train. My other problem is I carry a laptop with me, so I want to be sure I have that with me also. That is why I got a Think Tank Backpack.

This allows me to be able to carry everything important in one bag including my laptop and camera, plus all my accessories. I carry this on the plane with me so that it never goes out of my sight and is not at risk of being damaged.


How many memory cards should I take and how many batteries?

I travel with two 32gb Class 10 cards (Class 10 means fast speed for video). Before you start shooting with a new card, be sure to “format” your card from inside your camera. This will just be a setting within your camera menu. CAUTION: this will delete EVERYTHING on your card.  Do this before you have anything on it! Keep the little hard shell case your card comes in as well. This will help protect it when not in use.

In regards to batteries: I always have 1 in my camera and 1-2 extra. I highly recommend having more than 1 battery and always to keep the backup charged! Batteries can be purchased online or at your local camera store.


How do I store all my photos?

I take my laptop with me when I travel for extended periods of time. You have to have some place to dump all the photos after each night and I recommend organizing the pictures and video as you go.  You may want to look in to purchasing an external hard drive to store everything on depending on your computer space and if you want to double back your media up. I organize my photos and videos as the following:

DAY/DATE FOLDER –> Inside that I put a LOCATION FOLDER –> Inside that I put TOP SELECTION.

This allows me to see my top pictures and videos quickly and when friends and family ask to see pictures from the trip I can go through them much easier. Organize as you go!


Other Suggestions/Purchases:

  1. A UV filter:  This is a protective screw on that goes on the front of your lens. I use this so I don’t have to worry about scratching my actual lens. If you take your lens to a camera store they will help you get fitted for the right one.
  1. A microfiber cleaning cloth:  This will be so you don’t scratch your lens (or UV filter). This can be picked up at most electronic stores or online.
  1. Be careful about dust!  Never take your lens off without putting both end caps on. I always have a lens on my camera to prevent dust from going inside the body of my camera. Dust can really take a toll on your camera and ultimately can ruin it.

These are just a few of the basics for the traveler using a DSLR camera. You will find your own method and system that works best for you as you capture what you see around you.

Happy adventuring!


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 IMG_1163-2ABOUT JON: Originally from the great state of Pennsylvania I now currently reside in Lakeland, FL working for Southeastern University. I have a love for the outdoors including camping, hiking and fishing. Some of my other passions include, staying up to date on the latest technology, traveling, biking with my family, photography, graphic design and video work. I love helping individuals and organization tell a compelling story and see it from start to finish. My family has a passion for serving people and trying to show hope in areas that need it most! I am married to my best friend Elaine and have one son.
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