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Killarney Ireland

Ireland is a must-see country. She has beautiful backroads, castles, cliffs, cities, and people. Since Ireland’s  relatively small, it’s a great place to rent a car and cover a lot of ground while seeing what the country has to offer. I recently had the opportunity to do exactly this and I stumbled upon the gem that is Killarney National Park.


Killarney National Park is located in County Kerry and was the first national park established in Ireland. As you enter the park, you feel as if you are entering Narnia. The main road into the park is surrounded by thick green trees and a winding road that leads you up the mountainside into the park. 

The park has many views, trails, and roads to be explored, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1.   I highly recommend just parking your car and walking into the forest. I saw elk, deer, mountain goats, and again it felt like I was in Narnia. The deeper you go into the forest the greener it gets and the more wildlife you will see. 

2.   As you travel up the mountainside you will go under a bridge. Once you go under the bridge, pull over to the side of the road and you will notice that you can actually walk on top of the bridge to an amazing view of the park. This is great spot to set up a tripod and take some shots, or just enjoy the view.

3.   As you continue to make your way up the mountain you will come across a quaint café called the Ladies View. This is a great spot to grab lunch or a cup of coffee and take in another amazing view! Be sure to pick up a map at the café as it can come in handy while navigating the back roads of the Ring of Kerry.

You can see more pictures from my adventures in Ireland by searching #MMDventures on Instagram.


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ABOUT JOSH DUKE: I am a husband, dad, outdoorsman and avid fisherman. I am also the founder of Florida Kayak Anglers, which was created to build community and unite kayak anglers in the state of Florida. 
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