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These days, a pink umbrella and a mai thai just won’t cut it. We want our vacations to inspire and excite us. Gone are the days of the family ski trip and the summers spent reading the newest Dan Brown book with our heels dug in the sand. We need adventure, excitement and a new experience. This is where extreme vacations come in.

From surfing to skydiving, there’s all kinds of fabulous extreme vacations out there to explore. Here are a few ideas to get you ready to put your cape on, and go nuts!


1.) Ziplining

Swing through the trees like Tarzan and see your world from another angle. Ziplining is one of the newest fads thats catching on all across the globe. Close your eyes, grab the handlebars and fly!


2.)  Backpacking

Although this has been a fad with college graduates and hippies galore, there’s something wonderful about taking just the clothes on your back and seeing the world. Book a one way ticket, stay in hostels, and meet the interesting people that make that place unique.


3.) Scuba Diving

Diver down, diver down. We know very little about our underwater world so be the one to find out more. There’s something unearthly about breathing underwater. We have the technology, so lets embrace it. Don’t forget, keep breathing!


4.) Spelunking (or Caving!)

The tastiest cheese is created in caves, as well as unique stalagmites and stalactites. The most beautiful crystals and formations grow in the dark, don’t let them go unseen.

Whatever your forte; be it in the sky, on the beach, underground, or on a lawn chair, see this earth. There are fabulous people to meet, sights to see, and tropical drinks to drink. Use your paid time off this year to surprise yourself and do something adventurous! If not, you can always make a tasty Pina colada and swing in the backyard in your favorite ENO hammock; vacation in a glass.


By Browning Hemric

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