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Four Products to Help You Stay Connected Off the Grid

I recently returned from a 10-day brush with nature. I vacationed in the desolate wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where 4G and LTE do not exist and people gave us strange looks when I pulled out my iPad at a local restaurant. However, there are State Parks galore, some of the most beautiful fresh water lakes and waterfalls, and more hiking than one person can handle in a single vacation. Don’t get me wrong, the dense forests and natural beauties definitely keep me occupied, but as a social media and communication professional, I want to share these sights with everyone in real-time! And Mother Nature makes this incredibly hard…

So here are my favorite four products that allowed me to stay true to my tech-self while still going “off the grid” to enjoy everything nature has to offer.


1. Waterproof Phone Case

Let’s be honest, going anywhere these days is difficult without your phone. It comes in handy as a GPS, compass and camera. Along with a good internet connection, it can be a valuable resource to research plants or insects you come across during your travels or even offer insight on nearby attractions. But most importantly, your phone is your lifeline in case of an emergency. Whatever you plan on using your phone for, it’s important to keep it safe and dry. Cascade Designs’ eSeries phone cases offer submersible protection while still giving you the full functionality (talk, text, touch, sound, and photography) of your phone without the bulk.

Cascade Designs’ eSeries is no longer available, but you can check out other waterproof phone cases here. 


2. Waterproof Camera Case

If you want to take a little piece of your trip home to cherish forever and add to your scrapbook, then you want to make sure that your camera is protected from the elements. DiCAPac makes great camera cases that are 100% waterproof. Designed to fit almost any size camera, the DiCAPac cases are perfect for surfing, kayaking, fishing, camping, swimming, skiing any other activity by protecting your camera from water, fog and moisture, dust, snow, and sand. The case has easy access to the shutter button so you can keep taking pictures no matter where your adventure takes you!


3. Geocaching

Geocaching is the perfect way to merge technology and entertainment with the great outdoors. This high-tech, GPS-powered treasure hunting game is played throughout the world by adventure seekers. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online through the official mobile app. When you’re out on your adventures, open the mobile app and it will lead you to hidden geocaches nearby. The treasure hunt routes can take you anywhere and will help you to experience new areas you may not have stumbled upon on your own.


4. Solar Charger

The only way to stay connected when you’re out on your adventure is by keeping your technology devices powered up and ready to go! Voltaic Systems offers solar panels and accessories, like a solar backpack, that are perfect for any situation and can handle a multitude of devices. The solar panels can even charge up a battery pack which can be used at night or when you’re under dense tree cover to power up your devices.

Thankfully I survived my adventures with all gadgets still intact and have the pictures and video to prove it! And although taking this much tech into the wilderness might seem like overkill, it was a great balance and now we are able to add another section to our Travel scrapbook!


Author Bio:

Katelyn-DavisABOUT KATELYN: By day I am a social media marketing specialist living in Detroit and on the weekends I am a wanderlusting adventurer. I’m addicted “unplugging” and enjoying the great outdoors. And whenever I can, I like to take  my Siberian Husky along with me.  You can find me enjoying nature and documenting every moment of it on Instagram. My tools of the trade are my GoPro and iPhone and my key to relaxation is my ENO.

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