Four Rules for Hammocking with Kids



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I love my kids. They have definitely changed my life for the better and recently, I have learned that we share an affinity for hammocking.

My kids ask me almost every day if we can hang up our ENO hammock, but I think we enjoy using it for different reasons.  Personally, I prefer the relaxing part of being in a hammock while my kids love to swing like peas in a pod or stones in a slingshot. At 10, 6, and 4, I really couldn’t expect them to want to do anything else.

I tried to figure out the best way for our whole family to love our time in the hammock, so I thought through these four rules. Using them, my kids get to enjoy their hammock time and I get to enjoy mine as well. Sometimes we get to snuggle together, but no matter what, we’re all happy in our hammock.


Rule 1: Let them set up the hammock.

At first, I wanted to make sure I set up the hammock perfectly every time.   However, my Atlas straps and DoubleNest hammock are so easy to use that it took me no time at all to teach my ten year old how to set it up himself. Now he begs me to let him put it up. I love that my kids can play in our DoubleNest whenever they feel like and I don’t have to worry about helping them set up.


Rule 2: Let the kids have hammock time.

As of now, our family only has one ENO DoubleNest, so we have to take turns using it. I always give the kids their turn first before I try to relax in it.  This allows my kids to have time to swing around and play so that I can have my own hammocking time.  So I swing them for a while (they like to go high and fast), and then, when it’s my turn, they have moved on to another activity and I can enjoy and relax.


Rule 3: Teach responsible hammocking.

I couldn’t imagine being a family that destroys everything in our path.  But with three kids, it’s pretty easy to make a mess wherever we are.  That’s why I make sure to teach my kids about throwing away our trash, being nice to the trees we are swinging from, and other rules for being responsible and leaving no trace.

It’s important to teach this to kids so we can enjoy the outdoors for years to come. I want them to be able to teach their kids about the joys of being outdoors.


Rule 4: Get the kids their own hammock

I can’t wait to have multiple hammocks so my whole family can hang around together. I can imagine the delight in my son’s eyes when I hand him very own SingleNest.  Teaching my children about responsible hammocking and spending time with them through this activity will definitely instill a love for the outdoors in them that will last a lifetime. My plan is to let them have their own hammocks and care for them, which will hopefully instill a sense of responsibility and give me more relax time in my own hammock!

My family is so important to me. I can’t imagine what life would be without them. So these rules to live by have helped me enjoy my kids and my outdoor adventures.

Had a memorable experiences while hammocking with kids?  Got any tips to share?  Sound off in the comments below!


By Dennis Poulette

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