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When traveling the globe, you have to be prepared. Even the smallest things cause huge problems, like lack of electricity at a hostel, or even more serious issues like a flash flood. With these items, you enjoy smooth travels no matter where your adventurous soul takes you.


Pack Right for Serious Travel

Compressible, water-proof duffel bags made of tough, water-resistant materials are the best defense for your stuff in a flash flood in the Andes or a typhoon on the Coast of Brazil. Get one with a shoulder strap that’s adjustable and includes a pad for more comfort when hiking through the jungle or across the airport tarmac. Or consider a new backpack with a water bladder (another piece of essential gear) and zippered compartments to store your necessities like bug spray, medicine and bandages along with your passport and ID.

Connect With Anyone, Anywhere

Global travelers should not overlook satellite phones. It’s easy to become disconnected from your group while hiking in the Alps, or traversing the Malaysian Jungle. With a satellite phone, you have a lifeline and a way to keep family and friends at home updated.

Iridium makes affordable and reliable satellite phones with global travelers in mind. They also offer really simple iridium phone plans with no fees, and low monthly rates. The best part about satellite phones is you can connect anywhere in the world, as long as you have a line of sight to the sky.

Little Gadgets Make all the Difference

Sometimes small gadgets like head lamps are ideal for many reasons. Use it while spelunking a Er Wang Dong Cave, which is so extensive, it is the only one on earth with it’s own, unique weather system. Or use it to find your way around a Thailand hostel after the electricity goes out. Bright LED head lamps light a clearer path and keep your hands free for other tasks.

You also will want high quality rechargeable batteries in case you can’t buy batteries at your destination. Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries last longer and recharge more often than most. You should also take along your own charger and multi-country adapter so you are never without power when you need it.

Another excellent gadget is a GPS with route-recording abilities. This not only helps you find your way, but makes it extremely easy to relive your trips when you get home.

Other helpful items include a smart phone with helpful travel apps like translators so you can speak a few phrases wherever you go, or hotel and hostel locating apps, so you can always find a place to stay.

Choose the Right Traveling Companions

As with any extended trip, you want to make sure that you are traveling with the right group of people. A tight-knit group can get through so much more than a group lacking in trust, rapport, encouragement and the right amount of goofiness. And once you find your ideal troupe, don’t forget to include your most supporting companion – your hammock. Not only is it able to tag along to just about anywhere, it’s there for you when you need a quick break from your excursions!

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