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It seems these days everyone is working more, and trying to maintain a life that keeps them happy. The balance between the bills that need to be paid, and the lifestyle that keeps us happy in our own minds, can be a difficult one. If you are already working 60 hours a week, there is probably nothing more that you want to do at the end of the day then just shut down your mind and eat or sleep. But do you ever stop to think about whether you are actually happy? Have you ever taken the time to think about what you could change in your life to make you happier? I’d like to take the time to share a few things that I try my hardest to follow, that seem to be working for me.


1. Be yourself.

Don’t let others dictate who you are. Follow your dreams, not your parents or your friends. This may be uncomfortable at first, but truly take the time to be who you want to be. Everyone in this world is different and people should always respect you for being yourself. I am not saying to walk into your job wearing your favorite T-shirt if you have a dress code, but don’t be afraid to wear it when you leave work.


2. Invest time in yourself.

9Spending some time each day to better yourself can actually make you feel better. Maybe if you go to the gym or go for a run. Everyone can use a little exercise these days, and its a great opportunity to help your mind and body. The time spent investing in yourself can even be a great confidence booster.


3. Do something new, take a risk.

Doing something new can be as simple as going kayaking if you never have before, or it could mean finding a new job. Maybe you don’t love the job you have, take the risk and try to find your dream job. Maybe there will be a small pay cut at first (please don’t risk your house or risk not being able to feed your family), but it could be worth it if it leads to you living a happier life. You might be starting at the bottom, or even lower than you were before, but if you love what you are doing, I bet you will climb the ladder when your work shows how much you really love your job.


4. Get outside, and relax.

Almost like investing in yourself, but put some time aside each week to get outside. Even if its only an hour! The time spent outside just relaxing can be a great way to clear your mind. The stress of the week doesn’t have to effect you for this time. Enjoy nature, lay back in your hammock or go for a hike down a trail with friends. You don’t have to be alone to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


I hope some of these simple, and inexpensive ways to try and live a happier life are able to help some people. As a student, I know life can be stressful but finding simple ways to forget about the stresses each day can be a great way to live a little happier. To anyone reading, I would love to see what you do to help live a happier life in the comments below!


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josh_hallgrenAbout Joseph: A Bostonian living in Texas, I enjoy the outdoors and travel. I enjoy making videos of the things I am able to do, so I am able to share them with others, and inspire people to see the world around us. I enjoy being able to hike, fish, kayak and snowboard whenever a break in schoolwork allow me the chance.

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