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man hanging in a hammock
Heyo ENOpians!

We’ve mentioned before that hammocks are beneficial to get a good, restful slumber, but in areas of South America, they are beneficial for so much more! Doctors in Colombia use specially-designed hammocks to help care for premature babies. The hammocks, that measure only 20 inches long, are placed in the incubator to assist in keeping the babies on their back and breathing easier. According to the BBC, Colombian pediatricians first started using the technique in 2006 and haven’t turned back since. Dr. Freddy Rodrigeuz, one of the doctors the BBC reports are behind the scheme, says the hammocks “make the babies sleep longer which helps their growing and development.”

What an awesome way to make use of hammocks! Here at ENO we hope all the premature Colombian babies grow healthy and happy!

On a similar note, we recently received an email from one of our ENOpians, Christopher Cochran, who visited Uganda, Africa on a mission trip and interacted with the children there. His ENO came in handy with one of the babies in a similar fashion to the babies in Colombia. Here is what Christopher said:

“We went on a mission trip to Uganda. These pictures were taken on the porch of the missionary house where I (Chris) slept every night with my ENO Guardian Bug Net. These ENOs were hung during the day for us to relax and take a break from playing with the school children. We also ate lunch and supper in these hammocks. At one point, the DoubleNest even became a baby rocker for the adopted baby of the missionaries. Great trip!”

We love to hear our hammocks can be used in more ways than one! Keep the stories coming and keep using those ENOs to inspire!


Christopher Cochran in his hammock in Uganda, Africa

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