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Hammocks Saving Lives

Just over a week ago, a group of brave hikers set out to rescue an injured German Shepherd deserted by its owners on the top of Mt. Bierstadt, CO. The dog, Missy, was discovered by a couple who, after trying unsuccessfully to rescue her themselves, took pictures and posted them on a hiking Web site – – urging people to help. Immediately the climbing community sprang into action, gathering up an eight man search party to bring the dog down to safety.

This all happened just over a week ago, so you may have already read the details. But, did you know a hammock was used in the rescue?

Photo courtesy of Chris O’Riley.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this either! From using ENOs as a barrier to stop runaway golf carts, to using them as a blanket to protect from hypothermia, there appears to be many uses to this relaxing accessory!

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Keep staying relaxed and saving lives y’all!

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