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Happy Day of Love

It’s a day of appreciation and being together.  Doing something out of the ordinary with each other.  Valentine’s Day is about really enjoying having your loved ones in your life, whether you live with them or go on dates with them.  So do something different – the best alternative is camping, of course.  Or picnicking, or ice-skating, or sitting on your porch looking at the stars.  Besides, everyone else is going to the movies or a restaurant.

An outdoor Valentine’s Day requires an outdoor Valentine’s Day meal.  Fortunately for you, packets of dehydrated meals are easy to come by.  They’re also pretty dang tasty considering that they look like this:

This particular one is pasta vegetable parmesan.  Cook up a pouch of garlic herb mashed potatoes as a side, followed by a pouch of mocha mousse pie for dessert, and you’ve got an awesome backpacker-friendly Valentines Day feast.  Hang up a couple Loungers or DoubleNests around your campfire and spend some time with each other.

Don’t forget the mason jar of red wine!  Fits nicely in the Lounger’s built-in cup holder or the hammock’s stuff sack, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!!


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