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Comment and tell us how you’re spending your Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day ENOpians! We can only hope that you’re reading this from the comfort of your own home. We’d love to hear how you’re celebrating the holiday and naturally, we suggest getting your hammock in the relaxation mix!



The History Part

Back in the height of the industrial revolution, things were getting out of hand with the working conditions for a lot of the american people. Long hours, low wages, unsanitary facilities and little respect were plaguing the workforce as the country tried to accommodate the demand the industrial revolution had created. Eventually, after some pretty nasty uprisings, On September 5, 1882, 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march from City Hall to Union Square in New York City, holding the first Labor Day parade in U.S. history.


How is has Shaped Today

Over the years, modern labor day has organically evolved into what it means for americans today. Although the holiday has tumultuous origins, today it is celebrated with barbecues, parades, and families spending time together. Relaxing outdoors, sharing a meal with our loved onesrepresents how we’ve communicated to overcome these past obstacles as a people. Culturally, Labor Day represents the end of summer, with many students returning to school the following day. Read on to see some of our favorite ways to spend Labor Day.


Go Hammocking!!


What better way to spend a Monday off of work/school than sprawled out in a hammock?!

One Last Good Grillin’


Check out these burgers with a twist from Mens Journal: 8 Alternative Burgers to Grill This Labor Day Weekend

Go Tubing


Don’t forget a mini tube for your cooler!



Whether you’re a backpacker or a car-camper, sleeping under the stars is a great way to take advantage of the three day weekend.

Soak up the Last Bit of Summer


We’ve had a blast this summer and hope you have too. By taking your ENO hammock with you on your adventures, you’re taking us us and for that, we just wanted to say thank you!

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