How Survivalists & Glampers Can Camp Together in Peace



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He likes roughing it. She prefers a working toilet. The only tech gear he needs is a handheld GPS and a solar-powered radio. She can’t fall asleep without the TV on. And the kids are an entirely different story. But everybody in the family loves to camp — it’s just finding that happy balance.

The following is a guide to keep everyone in the family happy when taking a journey into nature. Find glampers holding hands with survivalists during this great compromise.



Choose Your Spot

You’re setting the tone of the entire trip when you choose your location, so choose wisely. Find a campsite with spots that are a little further down the dirt trail, as they will be less crowded. People typically stop at the first campsite they see, so keep moving. If you can pitch the tent near a pretty stream or somewhere with an ocean view, it will add to the glamour of the trip.

Be sure there’s a spot for the hammock. There’s nothing better than coming back to camp after a long day of hiking in the sun, kicking off your boots, and falling back into the ultimate relaxation station. The only problem is you’ll have to take turns with the family. But, when the kids crawl into bed for the night, you and your honey can cuddle in the hammock together and stargaze.


Pitch a Tent

You have to be practical. It’s not camping if you stay in a cabin, even if it’s rustic. Glampers, we are talking about pitching a tent and sleeping outdoors. There are hundreds of different types of styles available. You want one that offers enough protection from the elements for her but puts him as close to the earth as possible. While a canvas bell tent is the vision of boutique camping, it’s not necessary for your family excursion.


Sleeping Quarters

To air mattress or not to air mattress is the question. How many times have you and your partner slept on an ever-deflating bed, where one of you is rolling off the side during slumber? For this trip, bring along a camping mattress. Throw in style and comfort with a down duvet, soft sheets and several pillows. This glamping might not be so bad after all.


Food, Glorious Food

Leave the canned beans behind for the boy’s trip. This is your chance to cook outdoors together: eggs and bacon in the morning on the stove; steaks and salmon on the grill for dinner; s’mores over the fire. Food is often what brings the family together, and it’s no different in the thickets.


Little Luxuries

Bring along a few of life’s little luxuries. It isn’t going to hurt anyone. Touch-lights soften up the dark campsite; bring a bunch of them. Television helps her fall asleep; bring a TV and mobile satellite TV antenna. Sleeping campers are happy campers. Make sure you turn off the boob tube during the light of the day, though. In every case, nature must prevail.

Other little luxuries you can both agree on: mosquito repellant, comfy throws, acoustic guitar, slippers, cushioned chairs, star chart, games, music, a good book, hand sanitizer, soap, TP and a loo if there isn’t one closeby.

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