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How To Be an Explorer of the World

Traveling is the best way to break free from the norm. Traveling allows you to flee outside your comfort zone and adventure. However, sometimes we seem to get caught up in the stress of having a perfect getaway and it can distract us from the real joy of exploring. To avoid getting caught up in unrealistic expectations, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your travels lively and fun.

  1. Wherever you are, whether it be the mountains, big cities, the tropics, or even a local destination, you must always be searching. Everything around you is alive and becoming. Seek joy in simplicity. Avoid overlooking little things such as waking up early to explore while the sun rises and conversing with strangers on the street. Picking wild flowers throughout your adventure is something I picked up from my sister. It’s a great way to collect memories.
  2. When you’re traveling you usually have a strict schedule to fit all your adventures in. However, it’s okay to alter your course. Be eccentric and passionate. Becoming lost in your travels gives you time to cope with yourself. It’s always good to spend time alone with your thoughts.
  3. In regards to the last paragraph, it’s essential to have a basic plan. You don’t want to get there and “wing it” your whole vacation. It’s so important to know where you’re going to stay. Some places require reservations and sometimes the weather can mess up your plans, therefore, always have a good backup plan. Also have your financial limit in mind. The website Groupon has deals for excursions and food.
  4. Being away from home means you don’t have to stress about the things at home! Vacation is time to break from reality and forget about your worries. I always keep in mind the quote “the only thing that makes it part of your life is that you keep thinking about it”. Although it’s a pretty broad and obvious quote, it still holds so much truth, so enjoy yourself!
  5. When experiencing different cultures, you should try to pick up the language if you don’t know it already. Before you get there you should know important words and phrases like “where’s the restroom?” and “hello, how are you?”. I enjoy the website Duolingo if you are interested in really knowing the language.
  6. I think we all can agree one of the best parts of traveling is the food. I used to be the pickiest eater. I’ve definitely moved on from that once I started traveling. When you’re anywhere away from home, the food options are going to be very unique. When I was snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, I came across a huge conch on the seafloor, I told my sister when I got back on the boat and the captain overheard me. He literally jumped into the water, pulled up the conch from the bottom of the ocean, cut it open and we all tried it. In all honesty it was pretty good. Be open to options!
  7. Food is pretty great, but it’s temporary. just like your vacation is temporary, memories you can keep forever. The best part about being away from home is that you never have to see any of the people again! So be spontaneous and don’t worry about what people think! I was on a cruise last year and was dared to ask a stranger to sing karaoke with me. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I was terrified. I eventually built up the confidence and asked a random guy to sing with me. We sang the duet “don’t go breaking my heart”. It was totally embarrassing. My friends were laughing so hard they cried!  It was by far worth the embarrassment because in the end we regret the chances we didn’t take.
  8. Last thing to keep in mind is packing efficiently! I hate leaving my things behind, especially if it’s necessities like my wallet, a toothbrush, and especially my ENO! If you’re anything like me, packing is a very complicated process. Cosmopolitan has great ideas for packing. I usually make a list that gets bigger and bigger as the date approaches but it’s ideal for not forgetting things.


Author Bio:

rachel-harrisABOUT RACHEL: Being a freshman, I’m still trying to discover my true passions in life. However I have a love for the outdoors. I love tumbling, hiking, playing my guitar, ukulele and piano. I love being spontaneous and I’m up for anything that gets my adrenaline pumping. Instagram: sunnrayy Twitter: rachelharriis

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