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Road trips are often thought of as a fun time of crossing state lines for some, while others see it as a claustrophobic, miserable experience. There are ways to make a road trip more enjoyable with minimal effort and just a little prep work. Many times, it does not even cost any more to make the trip more pleasant and exciting.


Before leaving, ask each person what their favorite snack is

Food can make anyone happy so be sure to pack a little something for everyone.


Review landmarks and tourist attractions you will see before leaving

Before you leave, look at a map and locate neat landmarks and unusual places to stop. By having this mapped out beforehand, this will give the members in the car something to look forward to as the drive continues on.


Play games

There are so many car games that can be played to make time pass by. Some are just plain fun and others help you learn about one another. Some great game ideas can be found here.


Get a roof rack

One of the worst parts about a road trip is not being able to stretch out or being totally cramped in your seat. A roof rack and luggage holder is an investment, but your fellow car members will pay you back in quiet time and less complaining. If your car is not equipped with the proper equipment, a great place to start is Yakima.


Bring Walkie Talkies (If more than one car is traveling together)

A great way to bring the whole family or group together if traveling in different vehicles is through the use of two-way radios. It is not only fun to go “old school” but can help when navigating and trying to figure out who needs to go to the bathroom next.


Establish “quiet times”

Every so many hours, establish a time when the car is going to take a break from the craziness and enjoy some peace and quiet. This may mean grabbing a book or putting a pair of headphones in for 30 minutes. Either way, it is some time for the driver to relax and the passengers to “take a break.”

A road trip doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. With some basic planning and potential purchases, the trip can be memorable and worthwhile.

Happy adventuring!


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