How-To Set Up Your ENO UnderQuilt with the SkyLite Hammock



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How-To Set Up Your ENO UnderQuilt with the SkyLite Hammock

The ENO SkyLite™ Hammock can be used with any of our UnderQuilts. Here is a simple set-up guide to help keep you warm and cozy while using the SkyLite™.

1. Follow instructions provided with your SkyLite™ Hammock and Helios™ (or Atlas™) Suspension System for proper and safe set up.

2. Connect the webbing loops at both ends of UnderQuilt elastic suspension lines to each aluminum toggle at the ends of the SkyLite™ Hammock.

3. Connect the plastic toggles located in the center/inside seams of the UnderQuilt to the webbing loops centered on each side of the SkyLite™ Hammock body.

4. Position the top elastic suspension line (non-adjustment line) on each corner of the UnderQuilt in the open end caps of the SkyLite™ Hammock spreader bars.

5. Tighten UnderQuilt suspension lines as needed and cinch up the end panels of the UnderQuilt as desired to control insulation and/or ventilation.

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