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Spring Break for many colleges was last week, and if your campus is anything like mine, the week before Spring Break felt like winter.  Arriving back on campus, the weather is actually nice now. We have had three straight days of sunny, 70° weather. With this nice weather, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Many people want to go outside, but have no idea what exactly to do outside. Here are some of my top choices of what to do outside on your campus!


Do your homework outside.

Many people have the “I can’t go outside, I have too much homework” excuse to stay inside on a beautiful day.  Get out of the library and take your work outside. A great idea is to grab a blanket, or even a chair, if you have an easily portable one, and move outside. Go to a grassy area, make sure your laptop and necessary technology are charged, and enjoy the beautiful weather while being productive. If you don’t want to be in the grass, find a picnic table!


Have a picnic with friends.

This one takes some work, but between classes or on a weekend, get friends together and have a picnic in a grassy area of campus. This is a great way to just relax and have a fun time with friends. Prepare a lunch or, to make it less work, buy food from the campus food court and take it with you. As long as you’re with friends, its destined to be a good time.


Go for a jog.

This one may not be everyone’s favorite, but it is a great way to see the beauty of your campus, and stay in shape. Go for a jog, or even a walk, around your campus when the weather is nice and it is guaranteed you will fall in love with your campus all over again. It can especially be fun to explore areas of campus you don’t commonly visit, there is no telling what you may find (maybe the perfect ENOing spot?). This is fun both with and without friends!


Get involved in outdoor sports.

Get some friends together and go outside and play random sports. Get soccer balls, Frisbees, basketballs, or tennis equipment. There are various places all around campus to do all of the above.  No matter your skill level, find something fun and just participate. This is another great way to stay in shape. If you are into organized sports, join an intramural team that plays outside!


Set up our ENO hammock!!

This is one of my personal favorites! Grab your ENO from your dorm/apartment/house, and set it up wherever! It is a great way to relax, do homework, or socialize (many people stack and will socialize for hours). Grab a speaker if you have one and play your favorite music; you will have your own personal paradise! Grab friends with other ENOs or be alone, this is a way to be outside that can last for hours on end.


By Jordan Drake, ENO College Brand Ambassador

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