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Hugs for Happiness

Bonjour ENOpians!

Aside from the holiday season being filled with shopping, eating, and all around merriness, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with those you love the most (apologies for the cheese). Well, although the myth goes men don’t care for cuddles, the Huffington Post says YES THEY DO! According to a recent article, researchers from the Kinsey Institute claim that men can be up to three times happier with extra love. Well, it just so happens we have the perfect hammock for holiday hugs! The DoubleDeluxe! The DoubleDeluxe is a whopping 8’4” wide and capable of holding a 400lb capacity. That’s plenty of room for you, your pal, AND your favorite puppy!

Plus, it would make a pretty awesome Christmas prezzie. So share the love, make men happier, and get a DoubleDeluxe.

Check out these ENOpians having togetherness time in their ENOs!

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