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This week we have been celebrating the art of quality sleep with Hyland’s Homeopathic! Today is the last day of their 5-Day Sleep Challenge! We were happy to participate in the event because as hammock advocates we know the importance of good sleep! A lucky contestant in the 5 Day Sleep Challenge will win a DoubleNest and Atlas Straps! Let’s take a look as what we learned this week, along with some hammock pro tips of course.


Day 1

“What is keeping you from embracing your new bedtime? Tell us what is keeping you up tonight.”

What we learned: It’s important to identify what keeps you up and makes you reluctant to go to sleep. Is it caffeine? Is it your blood sugar? Is it a mental block? Whatever it is, the first step to a better sleep is singling out what keeps you from it

Hammock Pro Tip:  Research suggests that the ever so slight swaying motion of lying in a hammock lulls the brain into a deeper sleep by synchronizing our brain waves.


Day 2

“Create a calming sleep ritual”

What we learned: Make your bed time a ritual. Don’t eat so close to when you turn in so you can avoid spikes in blood sugar levels. Use an aromatherapy pillow spray, like lavender. Sleep in as dark a room as possible. Consider using http://sleepyti.me/ to calculate the best time to fall asleep according to when you have to wake up.

Hammock Pro Trip: Sleeping in a hammock provides deeper sleep, therefore you also sleep for overall less time; but wake up feeling very rejuvenated. This is because it’s a very efficient recharge of the body.


Day 3

“Create a Sleep Sanctuary”

What we learned: Your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary! Don’t be afraid to give your room a complete makeover! Remove nightlights, make sure the temperature is comfortable, and eliminate distractions and clutter.

Hammock Pro Trip: You don’t make to “make your hammock” in the morning like you have to “make your bed” and one less thing to do in the morning makes anyone happy. And being happy is healthy.


Day 4

“Eat to Sleep”

What we Learned: We have heard this before, but it keeps coming up for a reason. You are what you eat! In the words of Hylands: “Eat with a purpose!” As evening approaches opt for a light dinner to keep your blood sugar levels even as you sleep. And if you do need that midnight snack, try eating foods that aid in sleep like walnuts, almonds, or milk.

Hammock Pro Trip: Hammocks can be good for your back and hips! With a “zero gravity” effect on your pressure points you won’t toss and turn through the night and you won’t wake up feeling stiff.


Day 5

“Which healthy sleep habit do you think you will struggle with the most and why?”

What we Learned: Recognize what part of your new sleep ritual you struggle the most with. This way you can target where you need to focus on improving. Even if you manage to mess up at one part of your sleep ritual, don’t get discouraged and keep trying!

Hammock Pro Trip: Because you fall asleep faster in a hammock versus a bed, they make for better naps! If you only have twenty minutes for an afternoon snooze, you won’t be spending the first 12 minutes trying to fall asleep.

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