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LOVE Camping

Close your eyes a minute and think about this…eating by moonlight, warming up by the campfire, sharing a sleeping bag to keep warm. What’s more romantic than camping?!

Before you head to the wilderness with your better half in tow, make sure you know these simple tricks to prevent your cozy evening under the stars from turning into relationship survival 101.

1) Make Sure You Know How to Light a Fire

You’re going to need warmth and food at some point, and the best way to get both of these when you’re out in the woods is a small, safe fire. Bring some camping matches (it’s not cheating we promise!) and search around for dry twigs, leaves, bark, or moss to get it going. Don’t forget to blow in some oxygen to give it a little oomph, and add larger twigs as the fire builds.

2) Start Small (to go big!)

You don’t want to end your couple camping expeditions before they truly begin, so to make sure you are outdoors compatible, start with smaller hikes and car camps before embarking on a long weekend on top of a mountain. Also, don’t over-do the mileage. Sore feet and blisters never make for happy bunnies.

3) Weather Watch

If at all possible, go camping when the weather is nice. Heavy rains and blustering winds have the potential to make the experience memorable for the wrong reasons.

4) Pack Sensible, but Not Professional

You want to stay light and comfortable, but don’t pack so minimal that you have to remain in the same pair of wet socks for three days straight. Also think about sleeping pads and comfortable sleeping bags – they come in double! So do our DoubleNest or Double Deluxe Hammocks – perfect for some couples retreats!

5) Stick to the Trail and Avoid Arguments

Don’t give anyone a cause to get angry, and veering off the trail, getting horribly lost then having to eat your remaining snacks to make it back could potentially cause an issue. So would getting eaten by a bear or ruining the beautiful environment you are hiking on. Stick to safety and common sense and stay on the trail!

6) Keep It Sweet

One word, NUTELLA! You can spread it on anything and you’ll have something sweet to finish on

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