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Giving back is an all-important factor that can make our lives more fulfilling and help an organization or cause gain progress towards their goals of compassion.  One project that I am proud to support is the Penny Bracelet. It is a simple bracelet attached to a penny stamped with the word “worthy” on it that helps support the fight against human trafficking.

All the proceeds from the bracelet go to the organization A21 who, “believes that together, we can end human trafficking.” They do this through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership.

So you may be wondering, why the penny? The founder, Kendall, writes on the Penny Bracelet website:

“Pennies are stepped on, stepped over, forgotten about…they have become worthless in our society. They lie on the ground, but we do not take the time to notice them or pick them up. At gas stations, they are left on the counter for our convenience – we take one if we need one; we leave it if we don’t. These pennies represent victims of human trafficking. There are 27 million of them. They are invisible, yet, they are everywhere. They are stepped on, stepped over, forgotten about and used for our convenience.”

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about the penny bracelet, visit their website.

Each one of us has the ability to help those around use if we use the skills we have been given. It doesn’t take large amounts of money to help, but it is crucial that we all do our part.


Here are some other great organizations helping around the world!


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