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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Making a video of a trip is always a great idea for many reasons. To name a few, you can share with friends and family who couldn’t join, you can watch it later to bring back some great memories, share it on social media, or it can be used as a guide/review for others to see what a certain trail, site, trip is like. The 4 keys to an adventure video are landscape, activity, music, and people. LAMP. If you include all the LAMP attributes your video will be award winningly adventurous!


Where are you? Show us!
If you are on a road trip, you can get some great shots of the road and the landscape around you. Every road trip video is not complete if it doesn’t have some shots of the road. You can take a time-lapse video of your whole entire drive. Another great shot can be with your camera out the passenger window where you can show the trees, mountains, canyons, or water beside you. Slowing down or speeding up your video when you edit turns out really cool. If you are on a day or longer trip you will either have the opportunity to see the sunrise or sunset. This footage is always beautiful! If you are driving you can still take a time lapse of the drive or tape from the passenger window. It’s cool to see the progression from the sun being up to it setting then being dark. If you’re set up at your site for the night, it’s fun to get shots of people standing in the sunset or sunrise. You will not be able to see them very well. They will look like a black outline. This makes for fun posing shots like throwing your hands in the air or jumping.

Landscape means showing us the hike, the trial, the campsite, the drive, show us what you see!


What are you doing? We want to see!
Show us you guys running in the water at the beach, playing a game, or doing a trick. Most likely the point of your adventure is you and your friends are doing an activity. Your audience will feel like they are there with you if you do a good job of showing the activity you are doing.Two great shots to see the activity are getting an overhead shot or shooting with the camera strapped to you.You can set up the camera then just let it run as you guys do whatever it is your doing, such as setting up the dinner table, starting a fire, unpacking all the stuff from the car.


What are the vibes like on your adventure? Personally I believe the music choice is one of the most important parts for a successful video. This sets the mood. Is it relaxed or upbeat? A great conversation to have with everyone during your adventure is deciding on which song would fit the best. This usually leads to some good jam sessions with everyone sharing songs they like.To decide what type of song you want, you judge based of your footage.With a high intensity, activity video, usually an upbeat, fast song fits the best. With a low intensity, activity video, usually a slow, chill song fits the best. When I edit a video I like to put music to it last. This makes it easy to try a bunch of different song options to see what fits best. Once all my footage is edited and organized, I add one song at a time and listen and watch all the way through, then decide which I like the best.


Saved the best for last! Who did you go on your adventure with? We want to see them!
Show your people doing whatever they’re doing. Are they cooking? Laughing? Running? Swimming? Smiling? Eating? Doing a backflip? Setting up a hammock? Starting a fire? Fishing? Share! A really nice shot is taking an up close shot of them smirking, smiling, or having a straight face, being themselves. Then in the video showing everyone’s face shots back to back.You can have the hold the camera selfie style while they do something.
The people are the part that means the most to you, so they should be the stars of your video.

Time to edit!

I use iMovie on my Mac Book Pro to edit all my videos. But they are plenty of other options out there. I am only familiar with iMovie. When it comes to the order of footage, it makes the most sense to go on chronological order of the events but you are the creator of the video so you can organize your footage however you would like. I like to start off and end videos with landscape. But that is my personal preference.When editing your video have fun with the tools and try them out. Slowing down certain shots makes like the most exciting part of a trick or a shot of someone smiling is cool. Also speeding up something that took a long time is nice for time sake in the video like during a drive or when the group is setting up the campsite.

As long as you include LAMP, your video will capture the adventure perfectly.
Adventure on!!


By: Lilly Boggan, ENO Brand Ambassador

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